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Copper? Keystone? Your two cents.

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After planning for here, then there, then somewhere else, my group of four has finally narrowed it down to either Keystone or Copper. I would appreciate anything anyone has to say about either (or both) place(s). Given I know ZIP about either, I did a little "research" and they seem at first-glance more alike than glaringly dissimilar, but I don't know. Please, info re, specifically: lift lines, and which, if there's a big difference, has more terrain for upper-intermediates/early-advanced types. Thank you. (And, of course, whatever other factors you think worthy of mention.)
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Why choose just one? They are so close together you can ski them both!
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Both have very good skiing, Copper is nice and naturally divided, all the green runs are in one are, blues in another, and the blacks in the back bowls. Like most of the Colorado resorts, the blues and greens will be pretty crowded on the weekends and the expert stuff relatively uncrowded. The runs under the Super Bee are some of the best cruisers around. Copper has more high Alpine bowls to ski. Keystone has a couple of bowls, but the only one worth skiing (North Bowl) is a good 30 minute hike. Keystone's Outback has got some good black tree runs. North Peak, has some long tough bump runs. And the front side has some nice mellow cruisers, warning though, the front side gets pretty crowded on the weekends. The lifts are good at both areas but copper has much better terrain to choose from and just a better overall 'feel'.

In conclusion, you'll have fun at both, but Copper is by far superior. I'm heading there this weekend and I'll let you know how the conditions are. Enjoy!!!

Well I wonder where that skier's bound. Is there some run, somewhere, someway out there that I've not found?
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Thanks, folks, very much. Helps a ton.
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ryan, don't know if you still need info or not, but here's my .02 - Copper is my home base whenever I head to CO, so my bias is to point you toward Copper. I think Panic's despcription is right on; Copper has better diversity in their range of runs from double blacks to greens. Keystone is more of an intermediate hill. I think the crowd's are a little smaller at Copper due to the smaller bed base. On the other hand, Keystone has a village and something resembling a night life which Copper, despite all the construction there, still hasn't developed. If your group has a wide range of abilities or are mostly advanced skiers, and doesn't need a huge selection of restaurants and apres-ski activities, head to Copper.
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Of course I'm interested in your point-oh-two. Thanks. (Thanks also for making the link on the Newsweek piece.) I'm VERY excited, actually, about getting to Copper. I have been hearing plenty of good stuff about it.
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Copper is much better, in my humble opinion. Better snow, better terrain, less crowded, better lift layout. I think it is one of the best resorts in the front range. Keystone has some good terrain, but it takes too much effort and too many lifts to get there. That said, they are super-close, so you can ski them both (and A-Basin, Breck, Vail...etc., too if you like).

Have a great trip!
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Ryan, I agree with the above posts, Copper edges out Keystone, but do try them both. I would save Keystone for a weekday as it gets more crowded. Don't get me wrong I have had great days at Keystone, on the Outback the runs off to the left of the lift can be a blast. Parking tip for Copper park at the Church lot its free and very close.

Even though the mtns are very close to one another the snow falls can vary quite a bit. we usally decide in the morning after the snow reports. Have a grea time. we will be up this weekend too.
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continued Thanks....
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One more thing Ryan, non-ski related, but worthwhile. Our all time favorite restaurant is the Ski Tip Lodge in Keystone; it was the original stagecoach stop. They have a five-course meal that may at first glance seem pricey, BUT really worth it. It is truly a dining experience if you and your group like food/wine I do no think you could go wrong. After the meal they serve desert in front of a fire large enough to roast a cow in. Great place to spend an evening
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Thanks! Perfect for our group, 'specially as it'll probably serve as a Valentine's Day thing, too. Sounds right up the old alley.
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ryan, hope you enjoy it. You will want to make reservations as it is really small. Perfect for valentines day.<FONT size="1">

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Ryan, let me state first that I am biased towards Copper (I have a season pass there). I just finished up a 7 day ski trip and skied 6 days at Copper and 1 day at Keystone. The one day I skied at Keystone it was far more icy, crowded, and rocky then Copper and it was a week day. I also did to core shots on my new 4x4 Bigs while skiing a bump run at Keystone. Copper was not free of rocks but they were much less frequent. Head over to Enchanted Forest or ski the trees off the backside of Union Peak to avoid the crowds and find some nice snow, be forewarned the trees can get very tight.
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ryan, I don't know how much time you have, but you might want to visit Beaver Creek and the town of Minturn (good Mexican rest. with pitchers of Margaritas in the bar)
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The initial plan WAS Vail/Beaver Creek. Oh well. How long the drive? My desire was to get up on Birds of Prey ('cause it's there, of course). I guess all the steeps up in that area'll most likely be bumped up?
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