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Colorado on a college budget? Help! (mountain/lodging suggestions wtd)

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I wanna get a few friends and go skiing over our term break (November 19-26 is our target ski date, including a travel day on each end, so we'd ski 20-25 probably.

Here's the situation:

We're college students, and money isn't going to be flowing freely, like on all my ski trips in the past.

We're of varying abilities, and while I am more than capable of skiing just about anything I can throw myself at, I enjoy a fun groomer, jumps, and maybe a few backtrail cornices more than eleventy four feet of powder and a 6 hour hike each way

The main concerns are again, price. We could cram the 5 or 6 of us into a hotel room without any real problems, and food can always be had cheap if you're willing to make it yourself, BUT!!!!!

We want good skiing, and a good nightlife.

So any suggestions on where to go, where to stay?

I was thinking Copper with a Copper Card might be good, but I've never been there, and I don't know where to get a Copper Card, and furthermore, I don't even know how much stuff with a Copper Card would be.

I'm also noting that I can get a 4of6 pass at breck for $164, which might be perfect, but again, lodging?

Anyway, we're in NW Iowa, and we're open to suggestions, so please throw 'em our way!

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Are you planning on driving there? If so, a lot of money can be saved by not staying on the mountain.

Stay in West Denver, party in Lo-do and drive to Summit County. Cheap rooms can be had along I-70 in the Lakewood area and the commute to Summit County is not too bad. 1-2 hours depending on the resort and weather. Loveland, A-Basin, Keystone, Breck, Copper, Vail/Beaver Creek and Winter Park are all within reach.

This may or may not be what you are looking for, but I think it's the absolute cheapest way to do it.
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You will be skiing the early season. The Party scene will be light @ best. That time of year Copper does not rock much after 8pm. The town of Breckenridge would be your best bet short of going to Aspen. To ski on the cheap here is a few, WWW.skiloveland.com is now selling 4-lift tickets for $89.00.

Call 1 888 231 7283 an order a Gold C coupon book for Denver/ Boulder # 0017. Cost $13.00, this book has discounts for most front range ski areas. $29.00 for Keystone, $32. for Breck,$24.00 for Copper, $29.00 for A-basin. & $34.00 for Winter park .The above price is ONLY for skiing before X-mas and T-day weekend is a black-out day.
Should be able to fine a room for under $90. a night that time of year. The snow could be hit or miss, would stick to the areas with the big guns for snow making. any of the above should have like conditions.
The Gold C book has a different # of coupons for each area,you might have to buy more then 1 book vs the # of people going.
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i would follow mr.vertical's ticket recommendations. i also recommend keystone+breckenridge for early season skiing + nitelife.
you might also look into boarding rooms and hospices online in breckenridge and dillon/keystone if money is that tight.
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Grue for lodging in Summit County look at http://www.alpenhutte.com it is in Silverthorne, central to all the Summit Resorts, drawback is no real nightlife within walking distance. Also try filling out this form on summitnet http://cf.summitnet.com/lodging/vacationmail.cfm you will get a number of e-mails back perhaps you will find a bargain. In Breck there is the www.firesideinn.com though I have not heard great things about it. @30.00 per night per person plus tax you might be able to find a one bed condo that would be more roomy plus have a kitchen for snacks and beer. In Keystone look at www.askicondo.com
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Also check out www.vrbo.com there are tons of condos, like this one http://www.vrbo.com/25406 shoot it is a bargain at 100.00 a night
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Thanks for the help, guys/girls!

Looks like I'll either go for that fireside inn place, or I might get lucky, 'cause my brother has to move to denver soon, and might do so in time for me to crash at his place each night!
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Keep an eye on Wolf Creek also. Since you are committing to such an early date, you need to follow the best snow. As stated earlier, Summit county and Loveland are a good solid bet, but Mother Nature might intervene at any time. Wolf Creek has occasionally had some pretty good early seasons, and they are always looking at opening in one way or another as soon as conditions permit.
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