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Cheap Mammoth Lodging

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Aside from the Ullr Lodge, which has changed hands, does anyone know of any no-frills (except the skiing) lodging in Mammoth Lakes on/near the shuttle route?


EDIT: cheap = less than $50/night. I'll be traveling alone.<FONT size="1">

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There is a little hostel. I can't remember the name of it but the name doesn't include the word "hostel". Its like the something lodge, I don't remember. Its 26 or 28 a night. Sorry I can't give you the exact name, but its slipped my mind. There are definatly no frills, but it is a roof a bed and a heater. Hope this helps. Matt

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I think it was the Davidson St. Hostel, but it may not be there anymore. I will have a look around , and try to find out.
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thanks. i'm "homeworking," too.
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