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What ski is for me?

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I'm 30, 5'6" 150lbs. I like the bumps and steeps and high speeds, and short, quick turns. I'm an expert skier 9. Mostly east coast skier (mad river, smuggs, Mt.snow). I'm in the market for a new ski. I'm currently skiing on Saloman Superforce 2s. I like 'em but they seem so damn long compared to what everyone else is skiing on these days. Any sugestions? thanks!!
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Some mogul specific skis are the 1080 Mogul by Salomon and the Line by Volkl. I've never skied them so I don't know how they'd be in the east coast conditions.

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Try the Mod X from K2. Smoothest ski you'll ever own. Doesn't have that gawd awful wide tail which might catch in moguls. If you like them a bit stiffer try the Mod X Pro.

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Melloboy. 1080 bump skis?? What do they look like?? I ride 1080's, but how do I know what specific type they are??
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Yep.. that was me. (the guy that bought the 1080 mogul and was dissapointed in the all mountain performance). The 1080 Mogul is a mogul specific (read - competitive mogul skiing or all day non-stop mogul) ski. If you ski other stuff, look for an all mountain ski that excels in the bumps. They are definitely not good at high speeds off the bumps. Believe me, that is what all these guys told me, and I did not listen.. but they were right.

I also have a Atomic 9.22 that is a mid fat and does real well in the bumps, and excels on short turns. I have also heard the Volant Machete McG and the K2 Mod X (or Mod X Pro) are very good in the bumps for all mountain skis. The K2 will be hard to find, but the Volant probably not as hard (although a lot of people also hate Volants.. while most people seem to like the K2 Mod X).

If you are still thinking a mogul specific ski.. you can demo some at Killington. They demo, and sell, the 1080 Mogul at 'Basin Ski Shop', and I think they have cheap Dynastar Assaults at 'Aspen East' (these are more traditional, very straight, bump skis).

PS - The 1080 Mogul has the same pattern of graphics as the regular 1080, except it's white with the Salomon swish thing on black. It is also very narrow (95-66-82, with a radius of 27), and the tail is only turned up very slightly. The bases are the same color as the top (white with the black S thing). I guess that is for competition (not sure why, but that is what I was told).

I could attach a picture, but I am not sure how..)

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Skiing bumps, stay away from the Mod X Pro, two sheets of metel translates into a bent ski. But on top of that I would stay away from a Mid-Fat all together if you want to focus on bumps. Go to a swap, garts, sportmart, where they have old straight skis for dirt cheap, buy a slalom or soft slalom ski (similar to what you have) only get a shorter length.
The Volkl Bump ski for next year is the StraightLine 89/63/87. My, lord that is an old SL ski dimension......
Rossignol Mogul '01/02 is 99/66/87.

Buy old, cheaper skis with the same shape....<FONT size="1">

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I called K2 about the use of metal. I k new the Mod X did not have any metal and the Mod X pro did. Someone tried to tell me the lMod X had one sheet and the ModX had two. So I went right to the source... K2. They told me what I already knew. Mod X has no metal. Mod X Pro has two sheets of Titanium. Then they made a specific point- to wit. Many vendors often use one sheet of metal in their skis which are prone to bend. K2 uses two sheets which keeps this from happening. So if youi don't want a bent ski due to metal in it, get the Mod X Pro.
But then we all know there are those out there who will and can bend the Golden Gate Bridge and then blame the bridge for faulty workmanship!
We've all seen the kid who always dumps the clutch, burns rubber, slams on the brakes, takes corners on two wheels and when the car breaks, he says the car is a piece of junk!
I am sure many of you have run into guys who brag about how many skis they break each season! Then they lie to the vendor that the ski broke under normal skiing use, just to get another pair of skis free!
Am I raggin' on anyone here? Not on your life! But then I am sure we've all seen it now and then.

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Dog, K2 can say all they want, I have owned many a K2 w/ two sheets of metal, they still bend. I even bent a pair of KVC's, no metal in those. All of these incident's happened in what I would consider normal skiing conditions. I didn't hit a tree or tower, skiing bumps and crud. Any ski with metal, if you dive your tips into the troughs while skiing bumps can bend, even if the only metal is the edges.......
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Argus- Very true. I agree with you, but driving a tip into the side of a bump isn't what I'd call normal skiing. As with anything. There is always a breaking point. Take a Grand Prix race car. It's made to take corners. Push it hard enough and the wrong way and it will turn over. There's a limit to everything. Yes, it is great that ski vendors are quite forgiving with thier warentees. But if you keep coming back again and again, someone in the company is going to sit up and take notice! All skis will bend or break. some have higher limits than others. Now... watch me take my confident a** out on the hill and run into a tree!

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