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wolf creek

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I'm going to Wolf Creek, CO during the third week of March. Does anyone know of any good deals on lodging? I've read that Pagosa Springs is more pleasant than South Fork, but doesn't that mean that you have to drive over the pass to get to the ski area?

Also, I'm going to be coming from and then returning to Taos... which is the better route: 285 through Alamosa or 64/84 to Pagosa Springs?
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I worked at Wolf Creek for 12 years, and know whatever you need to know *except* where to stay since we always had a house. I know what places there are, but have no real idea what their prices are - you'll have to call.

Wolf Creek is on the Southfork side of Wolf Creek pass - but just barely - its pretty close to the top of the pass, so you are on the actual pass about the same regardless.

However from the Pagosa side you have about 15 extra miles of driving just to get to where the pass starts. But Pagosa Springs is much more of a "real" town, with more restaurants, shopping and etc. Southfork is more of a gas-stop.

If you want to be closer and don't care about amenitys - stay in Southfork, if you want more shopping/eating/lodging options and don't mind an extra 20 minutes of driving - stay in Pagosa.

285 is an easier drive if the roads are bad, but 64/84 is a lot more pretty.

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Todd pretty much covered all the bases. --The cheapest thing I was able to find in Pagosa Springs last winter was the Pinewood Inn. It is older, but was clean and acceptable. All of the lodging operations around there offer ski packages, but many seemed to be run of the mill, yet charging big resort prices. Good Luck!
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I like the Springs Inn in Pagosa. You'll get unlimited 24/7 access to their hot springs. They have one of the nicer hot spring facilities in Colorado.

Mmmmm, I like to soak.
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Feallen, you are correct, sir. The best I could do was at the Pinewood Inn... $74/night, lift ticket included. Not the deal of the century, but it'll have to suffice.
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One other question: why does Wolf Creek not appear in ANY of the Ski Colorado literature or on its website? You would think that they would want as much publicity as possible, especially considering its location.
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Wolf Creek is the one ski resort in Colorado that doesn't belong to the "Colorado Ski Association". That's not really the name, but you get my point. I understand that it's quite expensive to belong, but had also heard that Wolf Creek was looking at joining.
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