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Big White, Red Mountain Conditions?

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We will be heading to either Big White or Red Mountain next week (Feb. 2nd). Starting to wonder if the current conditions are worth the trip. (actually considering cancelling the trip)

Has anyone skied either area recently? Conditions?

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Just come back from two weeks at Big White - blue sky, sunshine and -4.
The locals are distraught it is a bad snow year, but everything was open including the Falcon Chair and the double blacks in to the Parachute Bowl. There were a few rocks showing through but there has been another 10cms of snow since then.
Coming from Oz, we would ski on wet grass so anything white is good. As they say a bad day in the snow is better than a good day in the office. I'd go, but I don't know what you want or are used to.
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Thanks Nomad. Actually, I see the conditions seemed to improve a little in the area over the last 2-3 days.

Being a northeasterner, I am not too difficult (and yes I have skied on grass at Jay Peak at some point). But I wonder if the coverage on diamond and DD trails is enough so that I do not have to bring my rock skis on the trip.

Also the east is having a pretty darn good snow year, which bugs me a tad...

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If the base remains where it is, definetely bring your rock skis. I can't count the number of times I've hit rocks this year at Whistler. I think the base at Red is almost the same as here.
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I was at Red Mountain last weekend. They had very good coverage on most of the mountain. If you haven't been to Red Mountain before you're either in for a pleasant surprise or a shock depending on how steep you like your runs. Most of the mountain is steep. Their blue runs would be blacks on almost any other mountain. I loved the place.

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Thanks Rio.

I have heard a lot wicked reviews about Red. As one of my colleagues put it: "for me it was like a dream come true, for my wife, it was her worst nightmare come true." Fortunately my wife actually taught me how to ski, so no problem there.

Steep and deep, I like. Steep and cement-wall like conditions though...not so much. Thanks for the update!

Ski you!
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midfatboy -

Some tips about Red Mountain. The side of the mountain the Motherlode chair is on is more shaded from the sun so the powder lasts there longer. In a normal year it probably would last all day everywhere but we're having a warm El Nino winter out west.

If its foggy in Rossland head to the Paradise Chair which will be above the clouds. If you don't get snow while there don't sweat it. The blue runs on the upper mountain are groomed and steep. They are an absolute blast to ski fast. If you want to get an idea what a downhill racer goes through take Buffalo Ridge to Main Run early in the morning as fast as your nerves will allow (that's their downhill course).

Also, if you don't get snow there is great tree skiing all over the mountain. Skiing trees on classic west coast spring corn is one of my favorites.

Oh yeah, bring Vegemite. The mountain is loaded with Aussies.
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Thanks for the weather-dependant tips. Sounds like we won't be disapointed no matter what the weather is like.

(Vegemite...aweful stuff!)

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