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Another Beginner Question

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Preparing for my first ski trip has been fun. Will be at keystone. I have been following the snow reports/openings for several places. It seems that there is plenty of snow in plenty of areas yet many are only 3-10 percent open. My question is WHY? If there is plenty of snow, why not open as many lifts/runs as possible. (I may be making a wrong assumption as to what constitutes 'plenty of snow'). For those resorts with snow making ability, it seems the tempatures have been plenty cold to make all they need. So, why do resorts only open a few runs and a few lifts when it seems there is plenty of snow to be 50-75 percent open??
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1. Money

2. People

It has been early season and most know they won't make a killing on limited openings early in the season. They are just doing the old balancing act on getting things up and running with the lowest overhead. If you look closely, there are a few that work hard on early terrain, and have a following that patronizes them because they do make a consistent early effort.
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As feal said, you can't operate without employees, many of whom aren't available yet, and it hurts ($$$) to run lots of lifts and groom lots of terrain for not lots of skiers.

There are also terrain differences: lower areas don't have as much snow as the top of the area; terrain with rocks, tree stumps, stream beds, ridge tops, etc. need a lot more snow to be skiable
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