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Internet cafes in Whistler

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Anyone know what the setup in Whistler is? Am going to be there for 7 weeks from mid January and won't have a laptop and need to get my regular fix of EpicSki as well as checking my mail. Hopefully there's more than one.
Anyone had experience with them, know the addresses etc?
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"I'm drawing a mental block, but in the big cafeteria on Whistler, you can get free internet acess. I remember when I met Treepicker Sue 2 years ago, she was sending out a message to skilovers!
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Was there last year. There's an Internet cafe downtown Whistler. Just ask around. You can buy blocks of time for about $5/hour. I think that's Canadian, too. Forget the name, but it's in their central shopping square down the street from the lifts.
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If you're staying @ Whistler Creek, there's a internet terminal at the laundromat next door to Wild Willies Ski Shop (well it was there last Feb anyway!).
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Downstairs in the Roundhouse (top of the Whistler gondola), they have free internet access. You usually have to sign up ahead of time.

There were at least two internet cafes in the main village when I was walking around the other day. The biggest one is over by the brew pub. I haven't used it in several years but I recall that it was fairly reasonable bandwidth at a fairly reasonable price.
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