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Planning A Long Road Trip

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I finally have precious opportunity to take a long (6 - 8 week) jaunt to the Rockies but certain family members are starting to freak me out with their worries about road conditions.

I'll be departing around March 6th, going from Ohio to Montana. I'm lucky enough to have an all wheel drive vehicle as well as an excellent companion, but am lacking experience with a long trip like this, even in good weather.

I think it's about a 30 - 35 hour drive on clear roads.

How many days would you conservatively estimate this might take? By conservatively, I mean factoring in possible weather delays, as well as sleep.

Any general advice/warnings/encouragement would be appreciated.

Many Thanks!
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Any destination in particular in Montana?
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Oops, I guess that would be useful to know! Destination: Whitefish/Big Mountain.
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You'll be driving across Montana on I-90. Along the way are several fun ski areas. Red Lodge Ski Area is the first and has great coverage this year for the first time in ages. Red Lodge is a fun little town with minimal lodging so you'll need to make reservations if you are going through on a weekend. It is about an hour from I-90.

When you pass through Bozeman you'll be only 20 minutes from Bridger Bowl . I would stop there over Red Lodge because of the convenience and the mountain. There are numerous motels at the 7th street exit plus cheaper ones closer to town on 7th street.

120 miles west of Bozeman is Anaconda, Montana with Discovery Ski Area 20 miles out of town. This is a great little ski area with an amazing amount of double diamond runs on the back side. There are numerous inexpensive places to stay in Anaconda.

From Anaconda the sane way to go is I-90 through Missoula but I would recommend hopping over the Pintlars & driving through the Big Hole to ski Gonzo's home mountain.. Lost Trail is only open for partial operations Thursdays and Fridays and full operation Saturdays and Sundays.

From Lost Trail head north through Missoula to get to White Fish. You'll pass Montana Snowbowl outside of Missoula and Blacktail Mountain Ski Area southwest of Kalispel. I haven't skied at either so I can't make any recommendations.

White Fish is known for its row of bars and taverns downtown. Its a great little party town. Great Northern seems to be the most popular bar and the Bulldog's bathrooms have become a required tourist stop.

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