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Park City/Vegetarians

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Hello, A couple of friends are taking 13 year old psycho (son) with them to Park City. They are vegetarians. Are there any spots for them to try in the town? In SLC? Thanks
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I am sure Ryan's comprehensive list is great even with the dead links, but here is my $.02

No real straight up veggie restrants I know of but both Wahso & Bangcok Thai feature great Tofu & vegi dishes. They are both on main street & HIGLY ReCOMENDED

The best vegi cuisine I ahve ever encountered while skiing is Deer Valley's "Natural Buffet" Basically a super high end salad bar. A big plate do it yourself islike $13 but with the quality of the offerings that is not over priced, baby spinach, exotic cheeses, great vegetable, baba ganoush, etc etc.

There is also a Mexican restuarnt, authentic, good juju, great veggi dishes but I cannot remember the name. By SanFran Design Off the beaten track. Any Help?
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Vegetarian and a psycho son, coincidence? I think not.


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If your friends make it down to Salt Lake City, there is a vegi restruant called the Oasis Cafe. It's been rated the best vegi eats in the slc area.
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Actually a better link is here I personally would highly recommend Renee's, although I'm not sure that a 13 year old would be welcomed (psycho or not) as it is a bar. Windy Ridge and Evening Star are both great options as well. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Thanks all. The 13 year old psycho is ours (meateater). His buddie's parents are the vegetarians. Thanks again.

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