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Straightest skiis ???

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I'm looking for REALLY straight skis for Kite skiing, that means going straight, and edging very hard, often above 100km/h, and because It's always offpist, around 100mm width is best, How straight downhill skis is there or have been on the market,
How about Speed skis?

And I also need straight Twin tip’s for jumping, how about freestyle skis?

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The Straitest alpine skis I've seen are the Volant Machete Huckster, and the Nordica W105 (formerly the W9.1 FF) - they both have a turn radius of around 45-50. For your kite skiing maybe nordic jumping skis would be the ticket - strait, around 250 cm long, and wider than any powder ski.
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Yea, nordic jumpers are some big guns, real straight, but hard to turn on.
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The BIG downside, they dont have steel edges! :
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