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Sun Peaks or Big White or any other Canadian resort?

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As Air Canada gave me a free ticket voucher for messing everything up 2 years ago i have to use it soon or it expires. It will cost, but not much to get from uk to canada. Have been to Banff area and Whistler and Quebec before, so would like to go somewhere different, but its going to have to be me on my own as it is to far to go with a 2 year old.

I would like ski in and out and no car! and make it not too expensive (not more than can$100 ish a night).Don't really want to stay in a hostel.

End of jan, first week of feb is the best time at the moment

I really enjoy steep and groomed and a lack of crowds and thought Sun Peaks or Big White or any where else?

Any ideas? or suggestions where to stay (as a single person) and how to get there without a car. (a car could be an option, but i would rather do without as i always end up driving where ever we go. It also adds to the expense)

Thanks for any suggestions

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Sounds like your best option maybe Banff. Fly into Calgary then take a shuttle to hotel. There should be places in Canmore, just outside the park boundry, for less than $100/night. Then catch the morning shuttle to chosen resort for the day.

Big White is great, a lovely area and nice resort. Should have piles of snow by then. But it's not as accessible as the Banff area since it's in the interior of B.C. You could fly into Calgary again, and then take a smaller plane, probably into Kelowna. Then again take shuttle to hotel. I don't think AC has flights Calgary-Kelowna. Fernie might run shuttles into the Kelowna area which would give you another resort to try.

Maybe another spot to consider is Jasper, but there you're farther from the resort (Fly into Edmonton) and it's a smaller hill. Given your price/travel constraints it will take a little planning but is certainly do-able.
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Tam is right-on!!

You can also ski Kicking Horse from the Banff area. There are shuttles running from the Banff area to Kicking Horse for a reasonable price; and improvements at the Banff area hills are probably worth a return visit themselves. ... The one thing that might be troublesome this year is the El-Nino forecast that indicates interior western Canada might not have its best snow year. --Have a great trip!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Big White.
Ski in ski out.
Fly to Kelowna from Vancouver or Calgary. Westjet is probably the cheapest unless the Air Canada ticket will take you right through.
Transfer up the mountain, no car required.
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Some Ski-Can information I have been looking through indicates that Air Canada goes into Kelowna. With that option, I would say that Sun Peaks fulfils you requirements better than any other place.

Hope you have a great trip!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Fly to Kelowna means Big White and or Silver Star ( one lift ticket covers both now)
If you want Sun Peaks you fly to Kamloops and drive north.
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Thanks for the correction Doug. I guess close doesn't count here!!!

I found this on the Sun Peaks website:

Arriving by Air:

Air Canada Regional(1-888-247-2262 in Canada ; 1-800-776-3000 in the U.S.), has connections into Kamloops Airport several times daily from Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.
Other transportation options include bus and train. For shuttle service from the Kamloops Airport or Bus Depot to Sun Peaks, call SUN STAR SHUTTLE at (250) 377-8481.

One Way Rate: $29.00 per person
(GST included) Children 10 and under free

For shuttle schedule, please visit Sun Star Shuttle
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Thanks for the suggestions and help.

I have found that air canada goes to Kamloops and Kelowna. Big White seems to have cheaper accomodation Can$ 64 to 74 a night for a studio unit in Ponderosa Inn It has a reputation for big white outs! from what i have read. How bad is it? The terrain of silver star seems to suit me better and there is a joint lift pass. How long does it take to get from big white to silver star?

Silver star was more expensive Can$109 a night for a hotel room, and sun peaks even more.

Anyone know any good accomodation deals?

Thanks for the help so far its been really useful. It just got to snow now!

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Humble opinion from a good ole southern boy. Skied Banff/Sunshine/Lake Louise ~ 4 years ago. Gotd in a couple of days each @ Big White & Sun Peaks this past January.

Since you've been to Banff before I'd suggest going for central B.C. Big White is a great mountain, but it was Big White-out most of the time we were there.

Sun Peaks was my favorite. If you can fly into Kamloops this would be my choice. You can find plenty of owner rentals on line at wide variety of rates. Plenty of accommodations there, and virtually everything is ski-in/out.

You can't go wrong with any of these or the other suggestions made here. Good luck to ya!
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Big white and silver star are quite close together, probably an hour+ by car, door-to-door.

In my experience Big White gets more snow, but visibility (snow and fog) can be problematic. I can't recommend any place specific to stay but suggest you check Chamber of Commerce and other sites for B&B's. There are quite a few in the Kelowna/Penticton area and you should be able to find something quite suitable with breakfast for CDN $60-$75.
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Thank you everyone for the input. Have booked into a condo a Sun Peaks for 9 days at the end of January into February. Really good value as well, and they have put a new lift in, so should be interesting for 9 days. If anyone has any info on what to do or not to do, good trails etc that would be great. Do they do day trips to Silver Star as its about 2 1/2 hours away, just to give it a try?


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