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End of a Landmark

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wow. I am stunned....

Old Man of the Mountains
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That is so sad!
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It must have been the Taliban.
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Hi Linda,
Well here's my tilted view while watching it today on NECN.
I really don't see it as anything that's been "lost"
: .....being as it occurred from planet Earth's natural processes.
If anything's been lost, it's the ugly 2-lane commercialism which.. ..hmmm, I don't see as very painful.
Nature has simply changed that side of the mountain....
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yea, i guess you're right but its still shocking, really. and it makes me a little nostalgic. and for that commercialized two lane, I think its the road to some of the most beautiful places in NH. my heart is there, always.

but you are right, nature formed it and never mind its been there for thousands of years, nature can claim it whenever. guess it shows that NOTHING is ever set in stone. Not even stone.

Now that its later in the day, I am kinda irritated at the media. "We'll have continuing coverage of the fall of the Old Man..."

Continuing Coverage? what the heck is there to continue to cover? it was there, now its not, end of story! geeeze....

and the Governor is going to make a "fly over" in a helicopter...WHY? what is HE gonna do about it? get out and put it back together again? and why cant he look at it from the road like everyone else? THAT is just silly.

But, still, it meant alot to alot of people. it WAS kinda cool.

Hold on to those NH quarters!!!
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You know, when I heard this my face just fell.....


ok, thats not funny. I can imagine everyone looking at their screens with a stone face....

ok, im really tired, I think I should go away. you know, keep a low profile....

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I've been through Franconia Notch many many times over the past few years, ever since I discovered Cannon Mountain. I never regarded the Franconia Notch Parkway to be "ugly two lane commericalization". Ten miles down the road, at Exit 32 (Lincoln), sure, but not the parkway itself.

I am truly saddened by its collapse. The Old Man appeared to be amazingly small (from the necessary vantage point, it looks to be about two inches high without binoculars), but it did have a huge signifigance to a lot of people. It just won't be the same if they recreate him and stick it back up there, and in fact, I hope they don't. Judging by the governor's statements though, I'm not holding out much hope for that.
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It's still a beautiful mountain even though it no konger has a rock formation that happens to resemble a human face. Though long held together unnaturally by steel cables and fiberglass and various goops and glues, nature finally has had her way! Perhaps fewer people will come there now who are unable to see that beauty. That in itself might be a good thing. My concern is that my state, which cannot manage to meet its responsibility to educate our children, will try to put back some fake replica on that beautiful cliff so that they can keep their tourist "attraction". That would be a real obscenity.
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