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Just go back from Valdez, and absolutely had a blast. The conditions were pretty darn variable, as the snow could change from hardpack to powder to breakable crust to ice within the space of 30 feet or so. I was in way above my head, but the boarders seemed to have an easier time with it. We were fortunate to have two windy (25 to 35 MPH) but otherwise bluebird days, since Tuesday the clouds rolled in and the light went flat. Hopefully they'll be getting some snow with this storm.

I went with Alaska Backcountry Adventures (907-835-5608), and they were about the nicest guys you'd want to ride with. Also, since they have a pay-by-the-run policy, you can make as many or as few runs as you want per day. Expect a lot of waiting for a flight, as the weather and conditions dictate that they err on the side of caution. Booking early can save a lot of waiting though, since it's first come, first served. This early in the season and with the conditions we had, all we could manage was 3 or 4 runs a day. Later in the year as the snow falls and the days get longer, a lot more runs should be possible.