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Can I make it?

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I'm going to California for the Labor day weekend and still have Monday free. I am contimplating driving the PCH from Big Sur back to LAX. I would be starting in the morning, 9am or so, and I don't have to be at the airport until 9pm. Is 12 hours enough time to drive this section of the PCH on a holiday weekend?

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you should but there is the risk of delay, the severity of which is impossible to predict. gonna be heavier traffic than usual, increasing the potential for "excitement."


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Yes, but you don't have to take it the whole way. Go inland when you get around Santa Barbara, and you will miss alot of the traffic. Don't forget your gun.
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You might have enough time. I would suggest popping in from the coast at San Luis Obispo. Then taking 101 south.

From where you are starting, you have a good chance to go at least that far.
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