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demo ski setup

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I just bought my wife a demo pair of Rossi Saphir skis with Rossi Saphir bindings from last year. They were from Deep Powder House in Alta (she skied on them and loved them last year when we were out there). I got them for $199 total!

My question: what do I have to do to get the skis set up for her boots and ready for skiing?

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How adjustable are the bindings? Probably, with most demo bindings, you can just center the boot by moving the toe and heel.

Did the shop do a release check on them for the DIN ... cause her needs have to be dialed in?
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Take the skis and her boots to a Rossi dealer and pay them to center the boot on the ski properly and conduct release checks. You don't want to be the one responsible if there's a binding release issue.
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