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I am thinking of going to Stowe over President's Day weekend. Does anyone have a recommendation for a nice place to stay that does not cost a fortune?
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Try The Pines for dirt cheap 800-336-9288
The Stoweflake for medium cheap (sorry, no tele # handy)
The Town & Country for medium expensive but they include a breakfast buffet on weekends and breakfast mid week 800-323-0311
If you go to the Pines,DO NOT opt for the rooms with a fireplace.They stink of smoke
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My suggestion would be to pick a lesser known mountain. Stowe is going to be PACKED!
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The Inn at the mountain is pretty nice and you can sometimes get good deals there, worth a look.

I personally am very fond of Andersen Lodge 800-336-7336. The owners are Austrian and the price may seem a bit steep for rooms that are nothing spectacular, but it includes full breakfast and dinner and the food is nothing short of excellent...home cooked meals every night.

Oh, and as has already been noted, Stowe will probably be a real zoo over the holiday weekend, but that will probably be true of most resorts...unless you want to try to head over to Europe.

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