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Snow Conditions at Whistler

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Does anyone know how the snow is at Whistler? It doesn't look like they have had much fresh snow lately?!?!? I'm heading up in 2 weeks and hoping to have great conditions.
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Whistler has about the best conditions in BC. It has been snowing in little bits here and there, just enough to keep things soft. Best snow is above 1800m(Roundhouse/Rendezvous level). There is still less than 200cm base, so if you're skiing above the treeline you need a casual attitude about thwacking the odd rock. Below 1000m (gondola tops or mid station) expect icy or sloppy conditions, though the snowguns help.

We were there last week, and had more than our fill of sunshine and boot-top powder. If you go a little off the beaten track, there are still fresh tracks to cut three days after a snowfall. You'll have a great time!
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Thanks JR. It will be my first time skiing anywhere in BC. I have a feeling that I'm not going to want to leave!
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Any updates on conditions?

Looking at coming over in mid march from australia. This is basically a now or never type trip, or are we being completely mad and wasting our money?
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skadi We better not be wasting out time and money, I head to Big White in two days.
I am hoping it will be equal to or better than last last years North American experience (Crystal Mountain, Washington)that was enough to make we want to pack up and immigrate
Have fun!
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Hahaha, do i know you from another DB?
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skadi, no you don't know me, just royal "we"s and one in the wrong place.
No need to panic that your past had caught up with you?
And we (both of us this time) are loosing track of the point, Whats the snow in Whistler like and Big White for that matter.
Cheers<FONT size="1">

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Well seeing as you're off in 2 days perhaps you could drop us a line (post) on the true conditions. BW is our 2nd week destination. Oh and have a good time regardless.
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