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Whistler BC Heli-Skiing?

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Hello Everyone,

[img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] I am a brand new member as of today. I have a group of 50 fellow club members going to Whistler this season and I am looking for references for any of the heli-skiing Co.'s at Whistler. What were your experiences, good and bad? Who did you fly with? How was the day? Any suggestions, things to look for, things to avoid? Clothing suggestions? The best way to find out is to talk to those who have been. Anything you can do to help will be much appreciated and will help make alot of us enjoy the day.

Thanks so much...

NH Skier
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Hello NH Skier,
Welcome to the forum.
I haven't heli-skied in Whistler, but some of my friends did last year, and loved it. I'll try to find out which company. As for clothing, they just wore their normal ski gear, and rented fat skis off the heli company.
If I can find out the company name, I'll let you know.

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Thank You very much. Any information from someone who has been would be great. I did manage to get some info. from "Whistler Heliskiing". The price using a shared helicopter is $460 US for the day(3 runs), $55 US for extra runs (time permitting), $25 US to rent powder ski's. You can get a private helicopter for 5 people at $620 ea. This gets you 6-8 runs. Sounds worth the extra $.

Anyway thanks for checking with your friend, I look forward to his advice... :
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Whistler Heli Skiing & Heli Boarding
Crystal Lodge
3-4241 Village Stroll
Whistler, BC (604) 932-4105

Explore Whistler
400-4090 Whsistler Way
Whistler, BC (604) 935-3445

Black Tusk Helicopter Inc.
Squamish, BC (604) 898-4800

Cayoosh Helisports Ltd.
1850 Airport
Pemberton, BC (604) 894-1144

Pemberton Helicopters
1850 Airport
Pemberton, BC (604)894-6919

Tasman Helicopters Ltd
9990 Heliport
Whistler, BC (604)938-6499

Omega Aviation
1573 Pemberton Ave
Squamish, BC (604) 898-1067
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Thanks Fast Eddie,
I'll be hitting those web-sites and making a spread sheet for our next club meeting. Anyone else out there that's been, please let me know about your personal experiences, as they will also be a big help.
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Tell ya what, let me dig through my stacks of ski related sh8t, not sure, but one of the Pemberton H.Ops runs a very cool drop with guide, very hardcore stuff, even if not interested, I'd be into looking into again.

I've done Spring drop around W/B, they run about $70.00 (Can), this is without a guide and you need 6 others with BC skills & avie safety training. It's a drop, thats it...your on your own, around a 15 to 30 min. hike/skin out to the road. But, I would'nt try this route unless you know whats up & go with people that know the drop point & beyond.

Take advantage of the Avie safety meetings they offer for free, by W/B...of course, The Best are the 1 to 3 day pay clinics + in the meantime read The Avalanche Handbook, David McClung & Peter Schaerer. If you plan on taking a clinic, book soon, they fill quick.

The guides will run through the basics with you & these Guys/Gals are awesome professionals. Listen up, Never Get Ahead Of Them & have fun & Tip Big.
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Hey Mr/Ms. Crumb, what part of Vt. ya from???

Spent many a day North & South, went to Johnson State &
Vt. Academy, skied a ton in the east...whats your M.O.?
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