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Whistler snow

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Whistler's getting snow up high today. With the forecast, it looks like this could be the start of a base.
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It's teasing us... I wouldn't get excited though. It tends to come and go once or twice before things start to come together nicely in late November. Still nice to see, perchance to dream...
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Yippppeeee ! Now anyone care to sell me a house in Whistler for about $37 or alternatively just give it to me to look after for the next 300 years ???
Oh well at least I asked :
24 days 12 hours 22 minutes until I leave ... not that anyone's counting.
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i dont think its teasing jr. i've watched the web cams the past 2 days at work and its been snowing or overcast the whole time with storms forecasted for the next 3 days. i'd say the snow is here to stay at whistler, even if it doesnt open for 6 weeks.

now, if old man winter would head on down to the lower 48; i'd be lovin' him, but not manly love; just winter time love.(not that there's anything wrong with that).
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I hope you're right SC, but the weather reality is we usually get at least one big dump of nice warm rain here, sometime between now and early December. If it's going to come, let it be now, before the snow piles up, because it all gets stripped off at once. This is not only bad for skiing, but washes out roads and floods rivers, and in general is kind of a drag.

But, well, maybe not this year... I can't argue that snow isn't good to see.
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It looks like JR may be right. The alpine forecast says that major rainstorms arriving in the high alpine late this week. Oh well, the snow looked nice for a while anyway.
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Means nothing but ..... !!! It snowed down into the valley today (Oct 16).

The upper webcams are looking quite fun right now, even some snow on the bike park.
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Well, those pesky warm rains showed up all right... no more snow on Whistler. Unfortunately, the flooding I predicted showed up as well. I'm supposed to be heading up there today, but the road is closed between Squamish and Whistler. The resevoir behind the Cheakamus dam was rising 2" per hour, and they had to open the flood gates or risk losing the dam (as well as the highway). They evacuated the few residents downstream to higher ground. Lots more rain coming. And just 3 weeks ago the whole province was in a drought and burning up. Sheesh!

So my wife and I have a week starting today (Oct.19), a babysitter/housesitter we can't cancel, and no place to go. We even considered going up to Whistler on the float plane, but they can't fly in nasty weather. Oh well, maybe we'll just hang out in a Vancouver or Seattle hotel, hit all the ski shops and run our credit cards up so high we can't afford to ski.
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