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Mount Bohemia

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What can you tell me about Mount Bohemia in the upper pennisula of Michigan? I saw an article in the latest Skiing mag that said some strong stuff about the quality of the runs and snow conditions. I'm going to try to get up there from Milwaukee next season.

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Ask Pierre eh he skied it before there was a lift on the mountain. Skiing eh!
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Thought I would bring this one back...
I used to hike Bohemia in college, I went to Mich. Tech. It was awesome then. I had always thought it was 1000 ft. vert, they say 800 now so who knows. I skied it last season for the first time with lifts.

First let me say that this is NOT midwest skiing as you have ever experienced it if you haven't ever hiked anything. There is no manmade snow, and it is strange skiing on midwest natural if you haven't before, it's not champaigne powder. That being said the snow is good. The mountain is not really groomed except for two runs that have been cut near the main chairlift. They aren't that great.

The real action comes off of the new chair that wasn't opened until late last season, in fact when I skied there you would just come shooting out of the trees and a bus would continuously run to drive you back to the one chair! Very unique. This side of the mountain is simply awesome. They have cleared a few runs that are quite steep. It's the only place in the midwest where your quads actually burn after a run like out west. In fact one of the steeper runs is almost impossible to ski aggressively whole without stopping.

The whole hill is open, take the trees as you like. There are some cliff bands so you have to know what is back there. Most are 5-10 footers though there is one 40. Just be careful and keep your eyes open. The trees are open enough to go through mostly without a problem.

The base is really something...yurt style tents! Again very unique. The signs at the base say not for beginners and they mean it. There are chances to really get hurt if you don't know what you are doing. The patrol even has a search dog just in case. I know the non-believers will think that this whole story is BS, but for the midwest, this is THE place to be if you are an expert skier that can ski off the groomers.

Hopefully they will get some snow up there, after a 2 foot dump it has mostly all melted.
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When this place opened I checked it out on topozone.com since my uncle lives in the area. Mt. Bohemia's website says 900 ft. vertical, but I think they are exagerrating a hair. The topos says the summit is at 1465 and the lake is at 602, so that would be 863 ft., but obviously you can't ski to the lake! I would guess the realistic vert is more like 800 ft. Here's the topo link:
It does look steep!
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Thanks for the link! That is really great. Yes, it is steep...you can see that from the map. You also see the road on the topo, that's exactly where the trails all come out at so that is at 645. You can see that that last drop from 900-645 is where the cliff bands are. Awesome.
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Mt. Bohemia's great... if you're as close as milwaukee you should definitely check it out. i'm going to school SE of chicago and hit it several times just over weekends last year (made me come home a lot more often) to make my season pass worth it.

don't expect too many groomed runs... as of last year they hadn't quite figured out how to groom the open runs properly. and the whole hill's steep. they aren't kidding when they say no beginners. you won't have very much fun if you don't like varied steep terrain. Prospector gets old real fast.
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