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Banff in March??? Help!!

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Any opinions of Banff, Lake Louise, Sunshine??? Is the snow supposed to be good in March? Is it damn cold up there? Anything to do? Thanks for your thoughts!!!!
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I was in Banff in August 1997 and it was below zero (Celsius) in the morning.
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The temperatures in the Banff area in March should be compared to the temperatures of any ski areas in the country during March. --You just need to make sure you compare similar types of terrain.

For example;

Above treeline skiing in the Banff region generally occurs around the 7500ft. altitude, where above treeline skiing in Colorado generally occurs well into the 11,000ft. altitude. Both of these areas can be really cold during March or any other time of the mid-winter season. -- Don't expect this high altitude environment to be 'balmy' during the transition to springtime conditions.

With that said, I consider the Banff area to be very tolerable during March. Just remember to look at the trail map and remember that skiing at 8000ft. altitudes will possibly give you weather conditions that are about the same as the top of Colorado's highest ski areas. .... But then, you still have Mother Nature rolling the dice, and any type of weather could be had!

My rule of thumb is that Canadian Rocky Mountain skiing is too cold for me during the last three weeks of January and the first three weeks of February. The rest of the season, I consider it to be paradise for any of us southern boys. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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If your so concerned about cold maybe you shoudn't ski
but try another vacation, because for snow to happen it
needs to be cold. Funny how that ralationship works.
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Thanks for your thougths!!
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I learned to ski at Sunshine/Lake Louise and get back every few years. There both great places to ski with varied terrain to suit your mood. Sunshine is much higher and typically gets a lot of snow so conditions should be great in March. Portions of the mountain are above the tree line which makes for terrific wide open cruising. The pines at Louise are fairly widely spaced so tree skiing is also available. Tempretures should be moderating by that stage of the season, although you're may always get some cold days. The coldest day I've ever skiied was at Sunshine -36F which was in mid-January.

Sunshine opened Goat Mountain a few years ago, almost doubling the size. Louise is lower in elevation and some seasons wants for more snow. I think the skiable acres are somewhat more at Louise than they are a Sunshine and it will be a test to see if you can ski all the groomed in a week. There are a couple of other resorts fairly close to Banff, Norquay and Kannanaskis, which you shouldn't overlook. Additionally, if the hiway is open you could take a run up to Jasper's Marmot Basin for a day.

Hope this helps
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