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2005 Atomic M2 Tron XI

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Has anyone skied on the 2005 Atomic M2 Tron XI? I have the opportunity to get them at a good price, but I won't be able to demo them before I have to make the decision.

I really liked both the R10 and R11 in a 170 (but I thought the R10 was a little unstable in that length and the R11 not quite lively enough). This new ski comes in a 172 and has more area (because of its 127-76-115 demensions). That might be the perfect size for me (200 lbs). I also like the idea of a severe sidecut (12m radius) on a wide waisted ski (76mm), but I am a little worried about it being so radical. Does it have too much sidecut???

I am an advanced skier and ski about 60-70% of the time on groomed runs and 30-40% on non-groomed. (Out of every 10 runs, I likely ski 5-6 blue cruisers, 3-4 diamonds and 1-2 double diamonds.) I only ski in Colorado and Utah and am a true all-mountain skier (bumps, steeps, off-piste, chopped up crud/pow and groomers). I live in California so I only ski about 10-15 days a year and ski whatever the conditions are when I get there.

Looking to this forum to help me out. Please let me know what you think (if you've skied them), or what you've heard from others. All comments would be appreciated.

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I live and ski Colorado 30 to 55 days a year and ski everywhere including trees and bumps in trees. I don't think I would buy a new ski design like the Atomic you described without a demo. It does not sound like the kind of ski I would want for a Colorado all mountain design. No matter how well it carves if it won't skid (like some carvers won't) you will hate it in the bumps and steep tight spots (chutes, trees, etc.) I ski a Head iXRC for cruiser/hardpack days (not great in bumps), K2 Axis XP for powder days in bumps and trees, and a K2 Axis X (older model, this year's is softer) for mostly bump days.
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If you're buying without a demo, I'd make sure you at least try a 12 m radius ski in all conditions. As a comparison, the Volkl supersports are known for their tight radius and they're 14.4 m.

I personally would never want a 12m turning radius for an all conditions ski. They're probably fine on hardpack (although a Cross ski like the Supersport or Atomic SX would be better), but it looks like they would be extremely hooky in powder and crud. If you ski in the west, I'd look at the new M2 Tron EX which is an updated REX/10.EX and is mid 80's underfoot with less dramatic sidecut.

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