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Vail conditions???

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Heading to Vail next week(1/26).
How are conditions??? Places to avoid? Recommendations (expert)? I haven't been since they added Blue Sky.
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[quote]Originally posted by 420 days on snow:
[QB]Heading to Vail next week(1/26).
How are conditions???

Probably kind of hard until they get some new.

Places to avoid?

Mid Vail

Recommendations (expert)?

I would just stay on Chairs 5 & 10 as much as possible.
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How is Blue Sky Basin doing?
We will be there the second week of Feb.
Is it crusty in BSB? what about bare spots?
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420 and ambyx-
I think you'll find the conditions fairly tolerable. I was gone for a week, and everyone was lamenting how hard the snow had gotten. But with a rise in the snow humidity over the past two days, I was pleasantly suprised to find the conditions were actually quite good.
I have been skiing with guests who can ski anywhere on the mtn, and we did. Expecting crust and hard snow, we didn't find any. We have gotten a dusting over the past couple of days, in some spots amounting to about an inch. The coverage is still pretty good, but expect some thin spots and obstacles in high traffic areas.
In BSB, I might suggest Lover's Leap and Iron Mask. Any obstacles are visible, but the snow is quite soft and dry. Over on the "Earl's" side, because of the exposure to the sun, its a bit crunchy. Over by "Pete's", alot of grooming, with pretty firm conditions.

The wall in China bowl (including Dragons Teeth, Jade Glade, Ghengis and Weather Station) has good snow, coverage, and very skiable bumps, top to bottom. Outer Mongolia was also suprisingly good this afternoon. Stay away from Rasputin's, even if it's open.

In the back bowls- Seldom and Never are skiing great! Widges and Ricky's are crunchy, but Forever skied really well. Milts(bumps) was good, as was Yonder and Yonder Trees. Headwall was firm where it was groomed many days ago, but skiable. Even Apres Vous was skiing well.

The front side is skiing very well, with the thought that high traffic areas can be thin. Northwoods/ Northstar are both good, and most everything off Ch2 is well covered. If it gets crowded, go to CH 26, just west of the Eagles Nest- no one ever skis there. But there is good terrain.

In all cases- be careful as you get near the bottom of the mtn on the front side. There are several areas which have gotten thin.

Restaurants- plan on being in before 11:45, or after 1:30, otherwise you will search for seating.

Hope this helps you out! Quite a few of us Bears working out of LH Ski School, stop by and say hi!

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