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Mt. Baker to Seatac

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Can anyone give me an idea of the driving time from the ski area to the Seattle Airport in the winter on a Sunday afternoon. I would also like any recommendations on were to stay. I hope to get a couple of days in at the end of a business trip.

Thanks for any info!
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3 hours is a safe bet.

I always stay in Bellingham just because there is not much to do anywhere else. You could also get adventuresome and go to Abbotsford, BC.

Their website has the local places. Usually they require a two night minimum.
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Hmmm, good question. 3 hours would be a safe bet (usually a 2.5 hr trip) without stop 'n' go access road traffic, road closures and a choked I-5 between Everett and Seattle, and Seattle and Sea-Tac. I haven't made that trip with an itinerary though.

However, I have made the Stevens Pass trip many times. It is a usual 1.5 hours. On Sunday afternoons I give myself 2.5 if I HAVE to be on time. Every once in a while it is not enough (road closures, accidents, the Sultan stoplight : ...) Stevens does get a lot more traffic, but on the other hand Baker gets a lot more snow, the road basically gets down to a single lane and they have time limits on up & down traffic on the upper road sometimes.

My .02 would be to add an hour to the normal time frame just to allow for conditions and traffic etc.
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