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Las Lenas

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For all y'all's info:
195 cm summit, 150 cm mid, 120 cm base

from the info on their web site las lenas is experiencing mild temps and not much additional snow, but i have the feeling they don't pay much attention to their website.

most recent info i've found is that despite past problems, credit card and atm transactions in argentina seem to reflect current exchange rates.
personally, i'm bringing a mix of us dollars, argentine pesos, travellers checks and atm card. also leaving some emergency money w/ a friend for western union office in Malargue if necessary. peace of mind. pray for snow
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From what I hear credit card or ATM card will be fine. Just so you know on travellers Cheques there is a charge of 3.40 US$ plus 2.5% (unbelievable).
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It was good to ski with you.

Or most of the time just in your tracks!

Have a good stay.

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