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Whistler accomodations

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I'm looking for good accomodations recommendations for a week in Whislter for a couple in February. A B&B or condo.

I'm also wondering if it makes any sense to rent a car and book a room a little further away from the resort. The price seems to work out ok, but my concern is around parking at Whistler Resort every morning - will this be an aggravation?

Finally, if we don't rent a car (which is my preference), any suggestions for transport from the airport to the resort?


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I've always rented a car. The drive is easy, the cost is about the same as taking the bus, and it gives you added flexibility while at Whistler. If you want to skip a day of skiing, it's nice to be able to travel. The stories I've heard re taking a bus always seem to involve a lot of waiting to get picked up or waiting to get dropped off when you get to Whistler if you're not the first stop. Also cars are a lot cheper in Vancouver than in Denver or SLC. Steve
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Go ahead and rent a car if you wish, but the only thing you'll need it for is transport to and from the airport. Whistler is a pedestrian town, and the car will simply sit in the underground lot of your condo at $10/day. Even if your B&B is a ways from the hill, the local bus service is cheap and efficient. If you're staying in the village, the walk from your condo will probably be shorter than the walk from your car to the lift. Go green, and enjoy the scenery!
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Unless you plan to take days off and drive away I am not sure that a car will be better than the bus- as has been said you dont really need one when you are there.

We have been twice and used Perimeter both times


The buses left on time and arrived on time, whether you have to wait depends on your flight arrival time against the bus schedule. Once you pick up your bags and clear customs you walk right past the bus desk, so you "check in", get your ticket and some colour coded tags for your bags which identifies where you are staying so they can load the bus logically for drop offs. At the other end you may be first (or last) drop, depends on where you are staying but it is all pretty quick and efficient.

In good weather the transfer is 2.5 hours either way. If you get a good clear day the scenery is great, if not or it is night you can sleep.

The "sea to sky highway" ie the road to Whistler is not one I would volunteer to drive, in the dark, after a long flight, in dubious weather just to save a few bucks, but your choice !!
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If you do rent a car you aren't going to want to drive it to the mountain every morning. The bus is much more convenient since it drops you off right at the village. The walk from the parking to the lifts can suck, especially if you get a late start.

Here's a couple web sites to check for accomodations:

Both these list condos for rent by owner.
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Others have already suggested these but we use Perimeter to get to/from the mountain and use Allura Direct to rent condos. There are TONS of choices on Allura and 99% of them have multiple photos.
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Sounds like the Apex trio have just become a duo!!
Ho, Ho , Ho!
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Aw, behave! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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As for transportation, I've done both, rented (twice), and taken bus/shuttle many times. Lately I've been using Whistler Star Express . They pick you up within an hour of arrival, and generally get you to the resort faster. The only downside is the shuttle is less comfortable than the bus.
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"underground lot of your condo at $10/day."

Holy Moly! Do you mean that if I drive to Whistler, I'll have to pay $10 a day to park while I'm staying in a hotel or motel? How far is it to motels where you don't have to pay to park?
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Originally posted by Powderdog:

Holy Moly! Do you mean that if I drive to Whistler, I'll have to pay $10 a day to park while I'm staying in a hotel or motel? How far is it to motels where you don't have to pay to park?
There is a the big free parking lot just beside the main village. Its not far from most of the hotels. I know what you mean though, they really like to gouge the tourists.
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