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New Snow in West Virginia

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Initial reports on the DCSki forum and on the White Grass web site indicate that Canaan Valley received 12 inches of new snow:;f=1;t=000741

Rain later today could muck things up a little but heck, this April and Timberline and Snowshoe will be open.
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Snowshoe is closing on April 4, but it ought to be a great last weekend!

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I just called Timberline and they are confirming 15 inches. They will have most of their terrain open this weekend:

I wasn't planning on heading up but I'm changing my mind fast.
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Wow! Looks like they have most of their trails opened. 15 inches! Geyz that's alot. I heard Wisp got 5 and should be getting more.
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How weird. Yesterday there was a prediction for our rain to turn to snow tonight, but it's put back to sunday now. bugger.
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Yesterday it was raining and snowing here in my part of WV. The weather certainly is crazy. I heard that Wisp in MD got 5 in of snow.
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Chipper Chase, owner of White Grass Nordic Center, is now claiming 12 inches in the valley and 16 inches above 4000 feet.

Yes VT, our mountains rise above 4,000 feet! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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How odd. the local TV news said it's snowing on Mt Mansfield. woo hoo. better than rain.
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Latest reports are saying that Timberline now has 17.9 inches of new stuff. I've set my alarm for 0400 and am heading out tomorrow to "WEST BY GOD" Virginia!!!!
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Originally posted by West Virginia Skier:
Latest reports are saying that Timberline now has 17.9 inches of new stuff. I've set my alarm for 0400 and am heading out tomorrow to "WEST BY GOD" Virginia!!!!
Cool! Make sure you report back here!

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Ohhh I am so envious. Timberline is about 2 hrs from my house. Wow 17 some inches! This is insane! I never would-a thought they'd still be opened in April.
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I skied today (Sunday) and yesterday. I can only say that TODAY was one of my best days EVER. 4 inches of snow fell over night and it never stopped coming down the entire day. Sunday's snow, furthermore, was not the wet glop I experienced on Saturday--it was genuine powder--the real deal....

There were places open the mountain where one could score knee deep powder, although ankle deep powder was more the rule. The entire mountain was open and with the 17 inches that fell Friday, this new snow, which I suspect amounted to something like 9 inches after all was said and done, meant that people were bagging lines at Timberline rarely bagged during the regular season. Best of all, only a few sections of the lower mountain were groomed, making even the blue terrain expert in caliber. It was a truly unique and unforgetable day in WV.

I'll write a longer first-hand account tomorrow when I am less tired...
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That's awesome, and pretty spectacular for April in the southeast! These are the kind of days you don't forget. Way to go.

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White Grass just posted yesterday's snow numbers: it looks like we received 10 inches on Sunday and 12-16 on Friday depending on the altitude.

In any event, I haven't had this much fun in April with my clothes on since I moved south from New England. BTW, I had lots of clothes on since it was 22 degrees on top of T-line with gusty winds yesterday.
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Aha, another New Englander trying to ski in the southeast! You know what, we have to drive a little further for less terrain, but it's not too bad down here. I've had some great days skiing in the south.

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Timberline is great. I always enjoy my time there. Nice pic and link. The student season passes ($269) seem pretty reasonable. I've never had season passes, but it is deff something to look into.
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