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Snowbasin Opinions?

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We are planning a three day trip to Salt lake City.
1st Day - Snowbasin - Skimag rated it pretty high. can anyone
please comment on what it is like for an intermed/advanced skier. It claims a vertical rise of 2900ft. According to the trail map - The top is around 9500 ft. That makes the base around 6500ft !! that's low. something doesn't gel.

2nd day - do a alta-snowbird combo. I have done them seperately. would welcome comments from somebody who has done it both on the same day.

3rd day - Deer valley.
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Snowbasin is great. The Mountain has something to offer everyone. I was just talking to a ski instrutor who tought at Alta for many years. He was telling me that if he were to go back into teaching skiing again he would start back at Snowbasin. Yes the base elevation is lower then most of the other Utah resorts but they have vary good snowmaking and the best skiing is up higher on the Mountain. I've never done the joint Alta/Bird pass. Both mountains offer a lot of terrain by themselves. Doing both in one day is a lot of skiing. Plan on having jello legs and a big silly grin at the end of the day. The last time I skied Snowbird I spent about 1/2 my day in Mineral Basin and didn't cross my own tracks once.
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Snowbasin's base is low. Because of that and the wind this place can get some funky snow conditions. But it's a really nice mountian, with a very good lift system. Just watch conditions, temp. and wind and pick your day.
I would just spend a day each at Alta and Snowbird and bag D.V..
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Originally posted by SHREDHEAD:
Because of that and the wind this place can get some funky snow conditions..
Oh, that's why they call it Blowbasin! I've never been bothered by winds there more then many other areas, although it does result in some serious windpack and coral reef conditions in a few areas near the top. The low altitude can result in rain at the base when the Cottonwoods are getting powder, so heed SHREDHEAD advice to check the weather.

Then again there's intermediate/advanced top to bottom runs on all three of the high speed lifts.
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We went to Snowbasin when the condiitions were supposedly not great in the Park City? Canyons area. There was zero visability at the top , so I had no idea what the terrain was really like! I just kept doing whatever Pierre told me to do!

The only thing that bugged me was the brown snow at the bottom. The cafeteria is a hoot! People make fun of DV, but we're talking chandeliers, oriental carpet, antique amoirs and musack!
It is a cool mountain, though.
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I skied the 'Basin once alone a few years ago. It was around March 15th or so, and the conditions were kind of marginal due to warm weather. What really freaked me out were the whiteout conditions. It wasn't windy at all, and there was this lingering cloud/fog at the top of the mountain which totally reaked havoc.

Having never been there before, I moderated my ascent and took the Strawberry lift. I've never experienced anything like it. I couldn't see the cloud from the snow. Up and down were all the same. It was physically nauseating, I kid you not, and totally dangerous to boot.

At one point, I decided to get daring and take a chute down through some rocks. These other guys see me heading off and decide to follow me, figuring I knew where I was going. After a few turns, I had to stop and tell this father and son that I had NO IDEA where I was going. They were cool though, and we had a laugh about the visibility, talked about puking, and descended through the cloud.

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I've been there several times. We have a condo in Park City so we go to Utah at least once a year. Snowbasin has turned into my favorite resort in Utah. It has something for everybody. As you look up the hill to the left, I like to ride in the trees (bushes?) off of Strawberry Express.
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Snowbasin is awesome. I was there with lisamarie and pierre and was lucky enough to have BobPeters take us around with Arcmeister and Si among others. It was excetionally foggy that day. In fact, we skied the top of the downhill course and couldn't see a thing but could feel there were large moguls. If for no other reason, go there to see the downhill course.

It's really a tremendous mountain and almost nobody goes there. Of course we were lucky to have a great guide in Bob who used to do that in Jackson Hole. I think Snowbasin might offer some sort of guide/lesson for a reasonable amount-check it out.
I wouldn't debate about it-just go.
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If tree skiing is your thing, there are lots of spots to try off the John Paul lift at Snowbasin. It can be unbelieveable after a storm. - CPSOC :
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