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Snowbird has a base of over 70", yet only 17/82 runs and 5/10 lifts are open. Alta is 100% open. What gives at Snowbird? I'm not that familiar with the resort - am I missing something?
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Good question.

I would say avalanche control is apparently done better and faster at Alta. I don't see any other explanation. The terrain between the two mountains is not that dissimilar, although the bird does have some sick terrain, but so does Alta.
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Alta was still lifting ropes yesterday off their Supreme Lift yesterday, and are just now opening up all their terrain. Mineral Basin can be very windy on the back of Snowbird causing interesting avalanche problems and thats a lot of terrain. Also, these resorts are not all that busy right now (shh, don't tell anybody), so maybe they don't feel the need to staff a bunch of chairs and terrain that will not be used. Call them and find out, best bet.
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Rocks. big rocks. Lots of big rocks
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Rubob is exactly right. For whatever reason (who knows, can we blaim the Snowboarders for this [img]tongue.gif[/img] ) Snowbird seems to have many more rocks.

IME, not just the big burried death daggers like you can find off Sugarloaf at Alta, but a lot of little rocks. Often you'll get little roundish rocks lying right on the snow, a phenomenon I haven't really seen at Alta.

Its interesting, since they are neighbors on the mountain, but the Snowbird terrain really is different.
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1. Snowbird has more in-bounds terrain that is avalanche threatened by out-of-bounds areas than Alta. e.g. Baldy and American Fork Twins pose avalanche threats for in-bounds skiing (while it's still an issue at Alta, it is less so).

2. When Gad 2 and Mineral Basin areas are open, there's a great deal of additional terrain and lifts to patrol, groom, sign, maintain, etc. Why spend the money on staff to do all that when most of the skiers you're getting right now are locals who paid by the season rather than by the day?

Pure economics.

Take a look at what Jackson Hole is doing this December.

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 i would say because alta doesn't have as many "steep" slopes like cirque that could really trigger something and it's prob not covered with aanoff snow to ski.
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