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Porter Heights New Zealand??

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Anyone ever heard anything or been to Porter Heights on New Zealand's South Island.. It's a small ski field, but I might have an opportunity to work there this summer. Just looking for a little info prior to making any decisions.


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Three t-bars to the top, 700 meters vert, known for it's powder terrain. Big Mama is one of the longest continuously steep pitches on the south island. Check out their website to see a map. One hour or so to Christchurch. Base area consists of a couple of modular buildings and a trailer where they sell lousy food.Great people and good vibes. Porter heights is considered a commercial field but feels club-like.
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Check out


I'd suggest sending a PM to 'Ben Ferg' he worked there last season. I am not sure where the staff stay, as there are no towns close by, but Ben Ferg could give you details if he's still about.
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