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Gee where are all the Skiers?

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They sure aren't skiing in Utah.For the past few weeks The skiing has been fantastic and nobody is skiing? I guess everyone was scared away by the Olympics.Everyone is thinking that it would be to crowded here this year so they all stayed away. Well it's thier loss. The snow has been great weather couldn't be better and not a lift line in sight.In the past month I have skied Deer Valley, The Canyons,Park City,Brighton and Snowbird, and they all are empty! Yes the locals are out, but there are vary few skiers from out of State. The other day Deer Valley sold less then 600 tickets,Park City about the same number.I haven't seen anything that even looks like a lift line since Christmas day.You almost have to go wake a lifty up before taking a chair!So whats your excuse for not coming to utah this season?
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Always the same €€€€€€€€ (that's the euro symbol) [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I'm coming so save me some snow....6 weeks and counting......

Will ski Deer Valley, PCMC, The Canyons, Alta and Snow bird, if mother nature willing.

Meanwhile I have to suffer eastern "hard pack", warm temps, rain and lack of moguls.

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skier count at DV on Wednesday @ 2pm was a whopping 424.
On the weekends i currently over see the lifties on the busiest lift at DV, Northside Express. The maze USE to fill up at 9am and empty out at 3pm. Not the case in the last two weekends. It's worse than a ghost town.
Come on people, theres plenty of skiing and plenty of terrain. The Salt Lake Trib Classifieds had a half page of rooms/ homes/ condos abavile for rent, and some at a decent price.

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No lack of Utah enthusiasm here. Skied Snowbasin at Christmas. Great. Had a January trip to Alta planned, but the biz meeting was postponed (and therefore so was the skiing). Tried to sneak out for a quick trip this weekend, but the wife had a dinner party planned and clipped m' wings (guess she needs s/o to wash dishes). Its a lock I'll get there in March, after the Olympics are done.

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I was pondering heading over to catch the Olympic vibe without the lense of NBC interpreting it for me, to posibly see an/any event, and to ski.

If there are cheap motel rooms left in the city...
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From what I have heard there are a lot of Vacant rooms to be filled down in the Salt Lake Valley.The Sandy area is close to the Big and littel Cottenwood Canyons. I don't have any names are numbers for you But check out motel 6 or Comfort Inns. You might find a cheap room there.If your coming to the Park City side there should be some cheap rooms in Heber City and Heber is about a short 15 min drive to Park City.Snow has been great and more on the way tonight.By the way the Olympics are really a lot of Fun!
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