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I prolly am coming to Whis this winter. I changed my mind from Co, for many reasons.
Does anybody know any web site where people are looking for room mates in the Whistla area.

I already found whistlerquestion.com, but in the classifieds section was only two announcements that were looking for room mates.

There must be much more of those announcements somewhere cause even Colorado, had like very lots.

And what do you think: Which is more expensive to live in, Whis or Co?
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I was going to reply to your other topic but never got around to it. Basically why would you pick CO if you were going to try to do it on the cheap. I don't have any first hand experience with whistler but I believe rents are fairly high. Might I suggest Fernie. Lots of Aussies rent houses and ski for the season. Can get away without a car. Actually TeleSwed who posts here did that last year and I think is doing it again this year.
handle - Tele-Swede

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Go read this ---> URL
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What do you think is the best way to travel from Florida to Whis?
By greyhound bus the trip takes 4½ days. And it costs like 170$.

I looked for plane tickets and the prises were like unaffordable.
But is there a cheaper way to travel by plane, like changing the plane many times or something?

What about train, is it expensive there?
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Taking the bus would be pure hell, in my opinion.

Just on a whim I checked the fare on Jet Blue airlines. It's $214 to get from Ft. Lauderdale to Seattle (via JFK in New York). You could probably then take a train or bus from Seattle to Whistler (don't know the exact logistics). That doesn't seem too expensive to me.

My advice is to check into some of the budget airlines like Jet Blue, Southwest, America West, Frontier, and maybe Alaska. They tend to give better prices especially for one-way travel.

Good luck!
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I skied 18 years in Colorado, 10 years in Utah and 4 years in Whistler. I look back fondly upon the years in Colorado, but the measuring stick I use for exceptional skiing now, is as follows: Colorado black diamond slopes are like Utah Blue slopes; Utah black diamond slopes are like Whistler Blue slopes. This is a generality, but it has proven to be true time and time again.

Whistler has lots of terrain over 50 degrees and it happens to be on sustained faces of over 200 feet of vert. Most of the PSIA ans NSP know that the lower 48 uses 33 degrees as a statistical benchmark for the steepness of black diamond
slopes. (chalk one up for the canucks)

The cost of Whistler is only going up... That is not good, so go there before it is built out to be a winter Disneyland. (chalk one up for the gringos) Everyone I know goes there and comes back a better skier, despite the insane night life. In Colorado, the nightlife makes up for the so-so consistency of the snow, the weather and the inaccessibility of many ski areas.

If I had to give props to the best, cheapest, most accessible and most consistent deep, light snowpack - Utah. :

When in doubt - inventory the 10 best ski days of your life and go back to the area that shows up on the list with the greatest frequency.
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I found cheap flights and I already booked them.
How much is a season pass to whis?
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From their site:

"Winter 2002-03 Season Pass pricing will be available September 3, 2002."

skieast (or west) / bruce

Whistler Ticket Prices
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And another site if you're looking for a place to stay:

Whistler Housing Authority
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if money is an issue, go to colorado. i went to whistler last year and the exchange rate for the US makes it feel like youre not spending too much, but you are and i didnt see any housing that looked in-expensive unlike there is all-over in summit county, co.
if you have to go to whistler, go; i had to last year; but 4 days on a bus might set your expectations too high. i recommend looking now for flights + housing online to get the best prices.

AND BIG THANKS TO VEGAS 777 FOR THE MOUNTAIN COMPARISONS ! i skied mostly colorado before whistler + thought i was a decent intermediate, but looked like frosty the snowman after a couple of blues at whistler, but 2 months later i was almost skiing blues on 1 foot at heavenly; which i have discovered are regarded as easy.
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