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Weeks to Avoid Skiing in Europe?

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I'm planning a European ski trip this winter/spring (Val d'Isere most likely). Can you tell me which weeks I should avoid? (school holidays/spring break/etc)

Tks! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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French school holiday calendar at: http://www.education.gouv.fr/prat/cal01.htm

Basically the winter holiday is staggered through all of February, while there is also a Spring break in April. January after the first week, and March are holiday-free. For Val d'Isere I would probably also consider the British holidays, though I'm not sure exactly when they are.

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Watch out around the middle weeks in Feb (9-24th) Val can be very busy then. As far as I know, those are the two main British weeks (schools are off 11-15th I think)

Apart from that, enjoy the Espace Killy

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Tks for the info guys, I'm looking to go in March. :
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I go along with the advice above. I'd also avoid the 3rd week of March and 1st week of April, which will be the Easter holiday period.
Keep an eye on the snow reports. Snow in most of France is not great at the moment.
Some of the best skiing I've enjoyed in Val d'Isere (and I've been there countless times) has been from around the 7 April onwards.
A week after Easter and all the crowds have disappeared, so you have that vast area of snow to yourself.
Having said that, I'm in Val this year from 30 March for a week.
But I have two kids who have to be back at school by 7 April!
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I'll be in the espace Killy at the start of Feb. About 80% of the people there are British, so the main holidays to avoid are the British ones - half term is over two weeks, 9th-23rd Feb and Easter is (guess what?) over Easter. Anyway, you'll find it very hard to get accommodation then.

w/c 16th December they sold 5000 lift passes (typical for a low season week). Over xmas they expected to sell over 18,000. You'll like it better uncrowded!

Snow hasn't been great yet this year but most of the lifts are open
www.valdisere.com andwww.tignes.net are both helpful with trail maps etc).

If you want to stay somewhere cheaper but with no nightlife then Tignes or Val Claret are much cheaper. The whole ski area is well-connected (in fact I think the skiing is best starting at Val Claret as the worst part of the area is the runs back down to Val d'Isere which get very rocky and icy).
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Go to Gudauri,
It's in Republic of Georgia, Caucasus
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