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Big Sky

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Hey Rio, 7Mary, BSR, how are things shaping up at Big Sky for the holidays?
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that mountain needs lots of snow for decent coverage - I am not sure they have it

on the other hand, Grand Targhee is pretty decent right now and should improve over the next few days
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rH is right about the Targhee terrain - it is not a death watch by any means. The reason you go there is for the snow, which is better than surrounding areas right now and much safer than the backcountry. Still considerable avy danger - slabs up to 5 feet that will run full track.

As for fog, my home mountain used to be Big Mountain so my visibility standards may be low.

P.S. The Tetons got 10 new last night and will get more on Sunday.
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if you like skiing flat mountains in a white out then grand foghee is the place for you

Big Sky and Bridger aren't really living up to the promise of a big winter yet, still lots of rocks to hit. but the skiing is much better than the last couple years and i hope will come around.

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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I haven't been to Big Sky in a couple weeks. When I was there all the groomed terrain had great coverage and I didn't hit a thing. The Lone Peak bowl had good coverage, the steeps off the Challenger chair were okay, but nothing to write home about, and the top of Lone Peak was a rock field. I'm not sure how things are now but they have gotten more snow over the past two weeks.<FONT size="1">

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The skiing on monday 12/25 was epic! You WILL hit rocks if you ski off the tram or other steeps but the tram and the challenger lifts are why people come to Big Sky. We also have lots of boring terrain like GTs best. This place rocks but you do have to accept a certain level of ski damage to ski it. I am willing.
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thanks for the info
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What a freakin' awesome mountain this is! It was a very long trip for us--Baltimore to SLC to Idaho Falls(couldn't get flights into Bozeman for our dates)+3 hour drive, then back-- but dam, it was worth it. The skiing off the tram, especially on 12/31, 01/01 and 01/02 was just great!! Especially Lenin and Liberty Bowl (right down through the Bavarian Forest). My son and I also really enjoyed the Moonlight Basin side of the Challenger lift and the tree skiing off Shedhorn. As pedicted, we did hit some rock on Challenger, but the rocks were for the most part avoidable. Things were getting a bit firm, if not icey, when we last skiied on Saturday, but that was due to the very warm wind the day before. I hope you all get some new snow soon, and I hope that I will find a way to get back up to Lone Mountain before too long. Thanks for your advice. <FONT size="1">

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Hi JW, Glad you enjoyed our little bit of paradise. When the place is good, there is no better mountain in the U.S. when its great, there is no better place to ski in the world. Part of what makes this area so special is the people, as you probably discovered, its a really big small place. After a season you know all the regulars and they know you.
Today we had a memorial for a guy who moved here last winter. He was terminal with an incurable lung condition and wanted to spend his last years in a place like this. He was well loved by those of us privliged to get to know him and will be greatly missed. The ceremony if you could call it that, was attended by about 25 folks, the sky gave us some flakes that Jack would have appreciated and the wind carried his ashes into the out of bounds area on the north side of Lone mountain.
Again, I am glad you enjoyed youself here, come again soon.<FONT size="1">

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BSR--I can't wait
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