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Steeps on East (New England)? Where?

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Where in the Northeast (specifically New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine) could I find myself some good real steep runs in resorts or ski areas (i.e. not having to go to Tuck's), and what are some of those runs? I want to 'warm up' (practice steep skiing technique) this weekend for my upcoming Jackson trip, and although I realize that I am not going to get anything like that, have to take what I can get.

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Mack - Here's a few to consider in NE. Jackson has some WICKED steeps, like Tower Three Chute, the Alta chutes, Paintbrush, Corbeits, Cheyenne Bowl, Laramie Bowl.

Killington - Outer Limits, Ripcord?
Sugarbush - Exterminator, Rumble, FIS
Mad River - Chute, Fall Line, Paradise, Partridge
Stowe - Front Four
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Okay... I use 'warm up' loosely of course. What I meant was somewhere where I could even get as close as possible to practicing some 'steep skiing technique' (jump turns?). I usually ski Killington and the steepest they have (Ovation) does not really feel that steep (i.e. if I can do it without struggling some.. it's not steep enough). I went to Attitash this weekend and they had two runs (Idiot's choice and Tim's trauma) that were steeper than the Killington runs I'm used to.. but again, since I went down without feeling I was struggling I have the feeling they were really not that steep.

Of course, when it comes down to it I am sure I won't find anything even resembling Jackson grades, but I thought I'd ask just in case I've been missing something.
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Go to Mad River - you will like Paradise. It has a frozen waterfall at the top necessitating a 4-8 foot jump in to the trail. Numerous lines down through the trees after that. It is a very interesting trail that will get your heart pumping. If the snow is good, it can be a great run.

Sugarbush has a lot of nice steeps too.
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You might want to consider Jay Peak. Although it is nothing like Jackson, Jay does have the best snow in the east and lots of nice glades. Some of the chutes off the summit are pretty steep too.
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Without a doubt it has the toughest terrain in the east.
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Go to Stowe and hike up from the Gondola to the chin...the first thirty or forty yards are steep and tight - definitely good practice for JH.
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Sunday River: White Heat. There are "no fall zone' signs at the top. One side of it is "bumped up", if you want to really punish yourself.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Mack, for eastern steeps its Bear Mtn at Killington (outer limits and others). Also, the front four at Stowe--Goat Starr national and Liftline. These eastern steeps are almost always rock hard and bumpy, which is not necessariuly what you will encounter by way of steeps at JH.
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Liftline at Stowe is usually not bumped up, nor is it steep. Goat from the top is tough, as is the first section of National.
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I am suprised that most of the eastern skiers on this forum are biased towards Vermont resorts versus Maine - particularly Sugarloaf and Saddleback.

Maybe it is the fact that they are closer to Vermont and have never ventured to Carrabasset Valley and Stratton.

But I can tell you with 100% confidence, that the terrain at Sugarloaf is far more advanced and closer to Werstern conditions than anywhere else in the East.

I grew up skiing in Maine, and have skied at Killington, Stowe, Pico, Jay, Sunday River, Mad River Glen etc... Sugarloaf blows them away hands down, and Saddleback offers another unique, small mountain experience.

You owe it to yourselves to get up to that part of New England. It may take a few extra hours, but it is well worth it. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE!

The one down side can be cold and wind. The winds can whip off of Flagstaff Lake at the Loaf, and Lake Stratton at Saddleback. When I skied there they had to shut down the Gondola (the only way to the peak at the time) more than they had it running. Now they have a Quad that climbs up the ridge, and I understand closures are a thing of the past.

Look, I ski in Alaska now. The snow and terrain are worlds away form Sugarloaf. But I still miss it!

That's how good it is!

The only
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CR, thanks for the info on the Loaf. I have never skied it because it is so blasted far away from me. The drive to no. VT is bad enough at 8 hours. Add another 3 to that to make Sugarloaf. That said, I shall ski it some day.
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