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Powder Day at Loveland, CO

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It was an epic day today. 11 inches of snow last night. 11 inches was an under-statement. One time today over in Zip Basin I was up to my chest in fresh powder. The Ridge was good but the best snow was over by lift 8 in Zip basin. Got about 15 runs and they were all amazing. Going to Vail tomorrow hope it can match today.
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Sounds good, ScaryFast! I skied Loveland with a few other EpicSki members a couple days ago--snow was very good, but 11" new must have been great! Loveland definitely got the best of the storm that hit Summit County with less than half that. Still good....

Welcome to EpicSki!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Did I miss something this week??? I haven't even seen dust in Clear Creek!! I'm going to have to find a way to keep up with weather other than TWC and Denver stations.
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Well I went to Vail yesterday and I have to say it was pretty darn good in the back bowls. There was still alot of snow but the powder had a crust on the top in some places. I still managed to find some good "soft" stashes.

After $15 bucks for lunch my friends wussed out and we headed back to Lionshead. The ski school had a group of kids criss-crossing the mountain on a blue run above lift#11. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. I had to stop for them because the instructor brought this group of kids right in front of my line without even looking uphill. I got in front of them and then got busted by the speed police twice before I hit lift #11. There wasn't a slow sign around and I was skiing in control. I have no problem skiing slow in a slow zone but don't harrass me if you don't have it marked well enough. We finally got back to Lionshead and forked over another $13 bucks for parking.

I should have went back to Loveland and cleaned up all the fresh I left there the day before. After parking for free I could have walked to the lift. There are no lines and beginner skiers don't ski right in front of you because the runs don't merge until the very bottom of the hill. They also have the best darn grilled cheese sandwich in Colorado for $2.50. On a powder day Loveland can't be beat.
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