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Holiday Valley

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I'm thinking of skiing at Holiday Valley this Friday and Saturday, and wondered if any of the locals could provide some information on likely conditions. The website shows (Tuesday) that maybe 30% to 40% of the hill is closed, including the Eagle chair area. I also see that they will be having a bump competition on Fri to Sun.

In general, how's the snow coverage on what is open?

Any idea if the Eagle chair is closed for the year, or maybe just until the weekend.
Falcon is closed today. Is it likely to be closed for the year? Is it bumped up?

It's slated to get colder toward the end of the week. Are they still making snow when the temperatures drop?

I presume the bump competition will be on Chute, (or Falcon if it is open?). Do any of the other open slopes have moguls.

Thanks for any information that you could provide.
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Well i was at Holiday last Wensday and i think Eagle is closed for this year but am guessing, i dont know for sure. I dont think there making snow anymore either. Think there just gunna ski whats left and thats it. I will be skiing Holimont which is right next door to Holiday Valley this thursday and can let you know how the snow conditions are there and they should be the same for Holiday since there only about a mile apart. Yes it supposed to get cold starting Wensday night with friday being the coldest day for quite some time. I would guess conditions will be very icey, at least i hope so since am trying new slalom skis i just got.

I will post what the snow conditions were like at Holimont Thursday at about 600pm . Not sure if that helps much.
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thanks for the info, Dc9mm. I'm heading out for NY now (before 6:00 Thursday), so I won't be able to benefit from any report you have. However, your mention of Holimont made me reconsider. I've never skied there, and I understand that it's open to the general public on weekdays, so I'll probably check it out on Friday.

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Oh well but if by chance you have internet access at your hotel deffinitly go to Holimont on Friday as the grooming is so much better.
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I skied there yesterday. It was awesome spring conditions. Started dumping on us before we quit. Lake effect pow today with more than a foot of snow still to come. If you don't go today or tomorrow you'll be sorry. Still good cover most places. Still a lot open. Bumps were sweet! Spring prices in effect. Have fun. Holimont has good coverage too. More money, less crowds but this weekend shouldn't be too busy with everyone going south for Easter weeke. Hope you enjoy.
Eagle will probably stay closed. The bump and burn is on yoedler with some nice bumps and jumps. The chute will be open for the weekend too.

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Thanks for your comments, dc9mm and Lars.

After dc9mm's initial response, I had decided to check out Holimont on Friday. I also talked to an acquaintance who got me an option to ski there on Saturday as well.

So anyway, there were maybe 5 or 6 inches of powder at Holimont on Friday. It was nice, but not really deep enough, so you'd bottom out onto the groomed hardpack underneath at the apex of each turn. A fun day, but not really powder. Oh, by the way, they'd groomed out all the bumps a couple of days before.

Saturday on the other hand... I decided to do Holimont on Saturday also. I'd checked at Holiday; Eagle was closed, Yodeller was being used for the bump competition and would be closed to all but competitors. They said Chute would open on Saturday, but the bumps on Chute have often been too knarly for me, so I passed on Holiday.

So Saturday morning at Holimont saw another 8 or so inches of fresh. Moreover, due to Friday's six inches, the groomed underneath was soft. The result was that the first hour or so was actually powder skiing! albeit not deep. There were surprisingly few people at the area, and even after the powder went away, the very nice cut up softish stuff stayed all day (Is this what they call crud?). Whatever it's called, it's really fun. I also ran into another acquaintance there and we skied all day. Truely a wonderful day skiing. I don't know how Holiday was, but all-in-all, I'm glad I chose to ski Holimont on Saturday as well.
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