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spring ski trip

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My family and some other families have been going to Whistler for spring break the last few years. We're looking to try something new in Canada. Ski in/out is preferable and someplace with a number of restaurant options would be good. However, we're skiing for a week so we need a decent amount of terrain. Some options we thought of were Big White and Lake Louise or Sunshine Village. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. Thanks Steve
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Kicking Horse?
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Your profile indicates you are a cruiser, so I would highly reccomend the Banff area. There is no slopeside housing of any consequence, but the snow conditions and terrain are hard to beat!!
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Big White is ski in/ski out, with a reasonable sized village, and expansive terrain. Apparently it gets a lot of fog and whiteouts, but the two days I was there it was beautiful clear days. Has a range of terrasin suitable for all levels. Sunshine Village advertises ski in/ski out but there is only one lodge, so apres ski options are definitely limited.
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Big White
Ski in/out, lots of groomed runs with always somewhere on the hill to ski, various places to eat from the take out pizza (that can be finished for breakfast) to good dinning out and loads of activities for the kids.
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For SIZE...I say go to Banff.

For slopeside...Big White

For the best of both...Panorama. I just read in Skiing magazine that they just bought 700 acres of advanced/extreme terrain from a heli operation
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