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A buddy of mine has two passes to Mammoth so we're heading over there on June 3. Anyone skied it recently?
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Hi Kevin,
I went last Friday and again Monday. The snow was going away FAST with the record high temps...young ladies skiing with bikini tops on!!!! AHHHHH Spring. Mammoth web page says that they are closing on May 30th. I think that you are gonna have to wait a few months to use those passes. Pray for a early winter. <FONT size="1">

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Well that puts a little damper in my plans! I may have to head up this weekend instead. Thanks for the info!
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On Monday only chair 1 and 6 were open...look out for rocks
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I thought I would also mention that this is Mule Days weekend here in is full...Heres to hoping for a good time if you come this way.
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