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Southern California skiing

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Is it possible to get any good skiing in S. California during the first week of April? We will be staying in the L.A. area and would love to fit in a day of skiing. I think Mammoth is too far away (it looks like it's 5 or 6 hours) but I would settle for anything that is halfway decent and around 3 hours away. Our expectations are not high; we just want to have some fun. Thanks!
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With the way things are now, you may well be out of luck. The Big Bear hills (Bear Mtn and Snow Summit) have good snowmaking (and a big lake from which to draw water) but it's been a poor year snow-wise and quite warm around these parts lately.

I was at Mt. Baldy (photo below) two weeks ago, and it was decent coverage but fading fast and, as I said, it's been hot.

I'd check the websites for Snow Summit and Bear Mtn. to see what they have open now, keeping in mind that by April, you could be on rocks.


SoCal ski stuff, Bear Mountain and Snow Summit, LINKS included.

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Just got back from a day at Snow Summit/Bear Mtn. in Big Bear. I was pleasantly surpirsed how the snow and coverage are holding up after 2-weeks+ of warm weather. I'd say that 80%-90% of the terrain is still open, but things turn to mashed potatoes by noon. Another 2-weeks will likely do a lot of damage to the limited snowpack, though. If there is any way for you to get a day at Mammoth, that is the place to be in the spring. There just isn't anything else like spring skiing in Mammoth...It is sooo good!
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