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Winter Park last season

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So, here's more of my photos, this time it's Feb 2001 in Winter Park...
Vasquez Cirque

And again

panorama of the cirque

Lower Hughes

And a busy day on the Pioneer Express...

Hope you like them.


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See why I love the Vasquez Ridge so much? It holds good snow and NO LIFT LINES. And for those of you who would rather ski snow-board free...it's damn flat to get to the lift from WP as well as from the VR runs as well so not many boarders go there. But I can skate it. I love it, esp under the lift.

And it seems to be very sunny over there when it's cloudy and flat-light at WP and MJ.

Wear the Fox Hat? How was the Cirque? Worth the hike? I've never made the trudge.

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The Cirque was better than sex.
Real deep powder, fresh tracks, nobody around. Peaceful. Major adrenalin rush.
OK, so there's the 30 minute walk round to the steeper bits, but that reduces the traffic.
Cirque Piste Map

Go round to the West Headwall, or, if you like a real challenge, the Alphabet Chutes. Don't go beyond Shadow as it flattens out a bit.
Once you get into the tree section, let your skis run. There may not be much room to turn, but keep the speed up.
Take plenty of water with you, radios, and a couple of mates. Let someone else know you're going in, and allow about 2 hours from Timberline until you get to Pioneer.

Poles planted at the bottom of West Headwall

Do it at least once but don't stop too long before you jump in, or you might chicken out - I nearly did the first time!
Hey, it must be good if I'm prepared to come from Ireland to ski it!

Just thinking about it makes me grin.

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I must admit I have looked out there a lot and almost made the hike but when I have been up in the bowl the past few years the snow has been great and I like so many of the diff. lines that I tend to do laps on the Timberline lift.

I know at the end the Cirque leads to the flat runout to The VR side of he mtn...as far away as you can get from the Timberline lift. Not very convenient. And the friends I have who could handle it are all on boards so that runout stops them from going back there.

You come from Ireland to ski the stuff. I whine about not living up there. I will now sit back and appreciate how good I have it.

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Great pics!

My son(11 yrs) and I did the west headwall last spring. Great snow, nobody there, the only drawback was the hike is a bit long for the vertical consumed. But I will be back there again and probably head to the alphabet chutes.

Like astro, you will find me back on the pioneer lift when it gets crowded. Good bumps for the kids to learn on and some nice cruisers. And the trees on skiers left under the lift have always got some untracked pow.

Have any of you headed straight back off the pioneer lift to the trees and gone through the access gate to the lower trees on parsenn backside? That caught my eye last year and it is open from time to time. I plan to hit it once the base gets a bit deeper.
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"Have any of you headed straight back off the pioneer lift to the trees and gone through the access gate to the lower trees on parsenn backside?"

Yes. I did it once last year. The snow sucked. It was corn, ice balls, whatever. No float, very hard to turn. But the woods were good: not to tight with a good even pitch. I could see where people had good sight lines and launched off rocks etc.
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I prefer the trees coming down from Timberline, cutting on to Eidelweiss, or go into the Primrose Bowl, and get the trees lower down it.

Great fun, and good memories. Shame I won't be there this year, but if anyone wants my season pass, let me know.

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