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Best bets for late March

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We're in search of the best snow for a trip the 3rd week of March. We were scheduled for Fernie but have just been advised to reroute elsewhere.

Any suggestions of areas that should or could have good snow the last half of March given current conditions?

Conditions roundup for the west.
- West except of Jackson Hole is way below normal.(60%)

Predictions by Jim Roemer for Feb. are:
- the northwest (B.C.) will continue to be warm (rain at low elevations) and low in snowfall, possibly improving the end of March.
- Jackson Hole and Big Sky continued favorable
- Colorado and Utah improving end of Feb.

Given the above, any suggestions about whether to bet on
-Jackson Hole
-Alta/ Snowbird


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You can pretty much always count on A-Basin for good late season snow.
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At this point of the season, it appears that Jackson Hole and Grand Targhee have the best location on the continent. With the prediction showing that conditions will remain good there, I would suggest them over any other areas. The cold weather this month has been sending them some of the good light snow that the rest of the country has been short on. Even if an early warm-up should harden up 'The Hole', Grand Targhee has pretty good preservation qualities that should last well past where other areas in the central part of the country are having to deal with freeze/thaw. It has been a pretty lean snow year for most of the interior, and maybe the next six weeks will turn out much better!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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