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Tomorrow is another day

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We tried to do the Meadows today but the storm had not passed through fast enough. The temp had dropped from 48 to 32 just this morning and the mountain was a sheet of ice with some water and slush still under the surface. Winds from 15-30 with gusts to 56mph. We decided to have some breakfast ans see if there was any improvement. Not enough improvment although the temp was dropping, the wind was not. Went home for a few games of 8ball. Tomorrow is another day.
The best to all of you.
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Bachelor was about the same. I skipped Saturday because of driving rain and then drove up to MtB this morning. In the 20 minutes it took me to get from Bend to MtB the temperature dropped from 38 to 24. They reported one inch of snow. Hard to measure - it was all moving horizontally. Wind was easily in the 40 mph range with gusts over 50. There were only 20 - 30 cars in the parking lot and I think they ended up having four lifts open today.

Next week...

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AHHHHH, Ryel!!

We got to stop not meeting like this!

Went to Meadows yesterday, parked, opened the car door, had the door blown shut, by the wind, on my face, eventually made it out of the car and nearly fell on the sheet of ice blanketing the lot. Fine day! As I had been through this last Sunday, I promptly left for Hood River.

Last Sunday I managed 2 runs at Meadows before turning in my lift ticket. It was windy and partially white-out on that day. The upper mountain and Heather were closed, The area served by Shooting Star was roped off, and Two Bowl had race gates set up on it. There was no way I was going to spend the day doing repeats on Daisy!

Extended forcast calls for sun on Thurs/Fri. You going to be there?
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Hey Ya’ll:

Wife and I went up to Meadows on 4/14. Found the conditions as reported: coral, chicken heads, death cookies, some great corn at the bottom of Hood River Meadows, and some really firm new in veins on the lee side of bowls and chutes, primarily 1, 2, 3 bowls, lower elevator shaft, and North Canyon.

Wife was not amused by the conditions, but we skied all day. I love skiing these conditions, yes even coral with death cookies as big as cows heads (actual conditions below the trees between 1 ½ and 2 bowls). The new snow veins were worth the effort. Powder keg was another story, scoured clean; it was a test of edge holding on true rock hard coral. HRM was holding some new at the top and really nice corn at the bottom. I skied willow and found that the moguls and the apron were really nice.

May seem strange but I got tired of the good snow and went back to the coral after about 5 or six runs on the corn. I seem to be a candidate for a 12-step really bad snow clinic. I skied out the day between 1 an 2 bowls and the lower face, technical skiing at its finest!!!

The consensus is Meadows got 2” last night and will get a few more today and tomorrow, I am thinking about skiing on Thursday to see if I can get some final fresh tracks for the year. I just hope the cold weather holds until Thursday.
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Moday Am Mt.B reported trace of new @ 18 degrees w/ moderate winds. When the weather breaks we go. Looking forward to getting in a day w/ the local bears before the seasons over. Been putting my vinyl to cd.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by BadRat:
We got to stop not meeting like this!
Extended forcast calls for sun on Thurs/Fri. You going to be there?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Thinking about it. It's great to play hooky and enjoy a mental health day. I'll post on wednesday if I try to get away.

you ski in that stuff! you bad!

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I do love this stuff. I think I like this stuff because it is one of, if not the, greatest challenges in skiing. If you can ski this stuff you can ski anything. And no, I don’t mean in a slow wedge or a stepping sideslip. Flat out fall line skiing, speed reduced, but fall line. I also like these conditions because no one else comes out: no one poaches my line, or clogs the chute looking for an easy way down.

The new skis help since they seem to handle the death cookies much better than the old straight skis. I did get bounced around a bit but nothing too bad. Although, I didn’t intentionally enter the “asteroid field”, I foolishly skied one of the tree chutes between 1½ bowl and 2 bowl, which dropped me in on top of that crap. The stuff looked smaller from the chair than it was up close.

All in all a good but tiring day. Maybe I’ll see you Thursday.
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I notice that unless there is fresh pow-pow, just about everybody stays out of those chutes between 1-4 Bowls- in fact, only Two Bowl gets much attention these days.

Those asteroid fields can be deadly, if you ski that, Maddog, then Ryel's right, you bad, or maybe just plain mad [img]smile.gif[/img]. There can be some great coral along the west flank of Heather Cyn. when it's windy like it was yesterday, if they open Heather.

On a serious note, it may have been a death cookie that led to Sugar Snack's nasty crash a week ago. I'll stick to friendlier terrain.
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Looks like there is fresh pow all over. I am heading to Meadows Thursday 4/18. Anyone up for skiing??? Let me know.
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Originally posted by Maddog1959:
Looks like there is fresh pow all over. I am heading to Meadows Thursday 4/18. Anyone up for skiing??? Let me know.
I will be there also, probably fairly early (8ish) to get some coffee and maybe sign up for the 9-11 class. Lord knows I've got a lot to learn and us old guys are slower learners...don't bounce as fast. Keep an eye out for a black Boeri helmet with epicski.com sticker over the name. I'll be the one panting (real hard!)
the FRS will be on 7-35 if I can find it.
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I plan to be there about the same time.

Going for another session with Kristy?

Don't yet know what I'll wear, something sexy, I suppose. I'll keep an eye out for ya!
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I wear yellow/Black Helly Hanson shell, black pants, silver Giro helmet, Rossi Bandit X skis, and black/yellow Kerma poles. I will be skiing Mt. Hood Express, Heather canyon, and Shooting Star, for the most part - looking for bowls and chutes.
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This day was much better, bluebird even! Met BadRat in the parking lot and we skied together till 11 at which time I took a lesson with Richard and BR hooked up with MadDog1959. About 1:30 they found me and I enjoyed a few great runs until my weak legs dictated end of day while they headed back to Heather canyon for more fun.
Thanks for all the fun guys, looking forward to next time we get out to play.

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Ryel, BadRat:

I had fun. Another great day of skiing in the Cascade sun. I would ski with you two anytime. Let's meet up again some time. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Well I learned how to post a picture so here is a shot of the three guys just off Cascade lift with the tip of Hood behind us. Isn't it great taking a day off to play in the snow.
Mt. Hood Meadows
Badrat is the bashfull guy in back and the big fella in the middle is Maddog1959...for those wondering.

I'm still having trouble with re-sizing the picture to fit and cropping so any suggestions are gratefully accepted.

[ April 23, 2002, 06:08 PM: Message edited by: Ryel ]
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That makes you the pretty guy on the right. Right??? Sorry we missed you on Sunday. I looked but didn't find. Hopefully I'll see you up at Meadows soon. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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It got so sticky after 1 that we called it good. Hadn't fallen all day but the slush was grabbing me at the strangest moments. Look forward to seeing you.
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nice pic! The rat is coming to visit me today then he'll go skiing at alpental tomorrow where it is currently snowing.

yay - a visitor! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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The rat is coming to visit me today
good news, I hope you have lots of visitors and recover quickly. Maybe we will get to see how you ski next year.
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such a nice rat! he took me out into the sun. we even went to the brewery! whoo hoo - yummy micro brews.

Thanks David!
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So that's it Sugar, is it?
Is this how you treat me?

I just had a cup of coffee with Jane, and you think that gives you the right to run off with the first rat that turns up on your doorstep.
You said you loved me. You said it wasn't just the drink talking. It wasn't just the painkillers.
I'll show you. When I get off the flight in Seattle, we'll see who's boss then.


She was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong.

The stars are not wanted now: put out every one;
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun;
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood;
For nothing now can ever come to any good.

A heart-broken Fox
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now, now zorro, don't go getting your bvd's in a bunch and don't go thinking i'm more than what i am.

the rat was very sweet to come see me but i was just a stop on the way to the ski hill and i'm sure a bit of morbid curiosity.

i'm just me - a bad luck girl whose learned her lesson (see tag line) and have no intention of inflicting myself on anyone else ever again. so you just keep up that fantasy, that's how best to keep me. reality just ain't that great. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Shoog, yeah, been there, done that, prob'ly will again, c'est la vie, oui?
the violin you're soothing yourself with now will give way to the 'lectric guitar you've played so well before. in the meantime, your playing improves with the new, learned nuances. such is the way with things with "strings" attached.
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I wish that I was as cute as that rat! Talk about a babe magnet!

Ryel and Maddog, this is it for Meadows. Will ya guy be there this weekend?
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I want to but have not chosen a day, whats' good for you?
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Originally posted by BadRat:
I wish that I was as cute as that rat! Talk about a babe magnet!

oh you're cuter!
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I am looking at Thursday, 5/2. Then I am gone for a while. May make Bachelor for Memorial Day if I am lucky.
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Maddog, I went to Meadows today and it was warm, making the snow pretty sticky, in places, from the get go. The snow in Heather was really nice, but turned to serious mung very quickly. I was done before noon. Have fun, Dude!

Ryel, currently Meadows is a possibility this weekend, however....

oh you're cuter!
....another day at Alpental sounds even better.
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....another day at Alpental sounds even better.
A wise choice....
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Well, I did Meadows on 5/2, and as advertised, it was heavy spring snow. Sun dips were up to 8" deep in the ungroomed with lots of heavy punky snow. I spent all day working on technique in the "moonscape". The patrollers were using the wet snow along 1 bowl to "wet slide". Fun and the only time you can reasonable cause and ride an avalanche.

But I have to say the mountain is beautiful right now. The day was bright sun and there are some small mountain stream starting to show in the patches. The one off of the Mt. Hood Express lift is picturesque. Sadly, that ends the Meadows season for me. I still hope I can make Bachelor for the end of season.
[img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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