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Tahoe North Shore Hotels

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I'm going to be skiing Squaw Valley new weekend and am looking for housing. Where did you guys stay for the 1st Annual Bears Gathering last year? Any other suggestions? We're only staying 1 night (Sat.) so cheap and Spartan is sufficient. Thanks!
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We stayed in Tahoe City at the Pepper Tree Inn; cheap but not worth it. The snow removal machines with their back-up alarms worked all night even though there was no new snow. My advice is to stay at one of the resort places. Price is about the same and between traffic, parking fines and noise it is well worth staying out of town.
You might check this
web page
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I stayed at the Pepper Tree. I agree. I did not like it. When I first checked in, I got a room that was not cleaned yet. The next room had problems with the lights. One day there was no cleaning on the room. I've heard the 'Travellodge' is better.
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stay in Reno, gambling, food, amenities, etc... 45 minutes from Squaw.
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you could try the Tahoe City Inn. its accross the rd from Pepper Tree and is cheaper, basic accomodation.
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