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Hidden Valley, PA - Opinions?

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I have free weekend lift passes for Hidden Valley, PA for any weekend day this season. It would be a 3 hour drive for me to get there. I know nothing about this place - would it be worth it for me? I mainly ski black terrain (particularly like bumps & trees...well, really I like the wide-open bowls you get out west, but...) I like the terrain at Holiday Valley, NY and Seven Springs, PA; I also have fun at Peek N Peak in NY - the terrain isn't as good as the other two (lacks steepness), but the snow quality is good (for some reason, not much ice) and it has non-existent lift lines.

So, how does Hidden Valley compare to those places? Terrain? Crowds? Thanks for any information anyone can provide!

(Also curious what Laurel Mountain, PA & Blue Knob, PA are like...)
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I decided to try Hidden Valley this year because of it's dirt cheap season pass. I can honestly say from an advanced skier's point of view...it's weak. I'm bored. HV's steepest run, Barracuda is has no more pitch than the the intermediate Wagner at Seven Springs. HV's two bump runs are extremely short, if I had to guess I'd say maybe 250 vert feet. They are also always ruined by snowboarders sliding down them creating huge ice spots between vertical walls, not bumps, walls.

HV is great for families with small kids, in fact it's over run with them. It has the slowest lifts I've ever seen, not to mention the fact they are always stopping to pick up the beginner that fell off.

All in all, it's *maybe* half the size of Seven Springs, nowhere near as long or challenging and overcrowded with kids and beginners. Go to Seven Springs unless you are a beginner, which it appears you are not. You won't enjoy HV very much.
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I went up this morning after posting to you. It was INSANE there...beginners on rentals falling all over the place. We could barely find any space to ski. We left after an hour and a half...we got 4 runs in due to the slow lifts, stopping lifts and insane lift lines.

PS, I would avoid Seven Springs until after the 9th, it's Winterfest up there, hence the abundance of crowds and once a year skiers on 7S and HV.
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Thanks for the feedback. Doesn't sound worth it. I don't think I could tolerate BOTH crowds and not very interesting terrain!
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Normally crowds aren't as bad as this weekend was. We usually catch first lift at 9 sharp and ski until 1. Twilight reduced tix start at 1 and by then it's usually getting out of hand so we leave. This weekend was nuts starting at 9 am.

Seven Springs is a far better option since it's much larger, more challenging and the lifts are somewhat seperated so that beginners stick to a few lifts on certain areas and advanced skiers can ride other lifts servicing better terrain. This is not the case at HV, all lifts service greens, blues and blacks. This causes chaos, since beginners get off the lift and go down any run they find first, so you'll find yourself cruising blacks and dodging wedgers and out of control beginners that have no purpose on that slope. I for one will never ski HV again once this season is over. It's too bad too, because the snow is quite excellent at HV, better than 7S.
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