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Anybody going to Killington

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Killington is opening up tomorrow, while I generally dispise K-Mart I'm REALLY itching to get some turns in but I'll hold off on the $35 lift ticket for two open runs, if its going to cost me another $25 to re-tune my bases after I tear them up. Anybody been up there to see what the base depths look like? We got a 1/2 inch dusting of snow last night here in Troy, so I'm assuming that they got more in VT.
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Planning on going Saturday(10/26), and if it is good, staying through Sunday.

Bringing rock skiis and regulars. They are claiming to have at least one run open top to bottom.

Hey, it's snow!!!!!
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Talked to one of the locals who lives on the access road tonight, and he says they've been going all out with the snowmaking since early last Sunday. Says they will be skiing top to bottom on Friday with the gondola in operation from the base. Heard they got 2-4 inches today from the front that went through. I've found that early season up there is actually pretty good, with the exception of last year. I'd still bring the rock skis, however. If I bring the new ones, I'm too tempted to use them, so they're staying home this trip. They expect it to be fairly busy up there over the weekend. I'm heading up on Monday after the crowds have left.
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Going to Killington for Nov 2-3 and 9-10-11.

Anyone want to meet and ski? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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