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French in Quebec

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Simple question, I'm just wondering how much French is spoken in Montreal and other parts of Quebec. Is it inconvenient at all for people who don't speak it? We will be there next spring for a month and are curious about the place.

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Everyone I have run into has been bilingual. They will say bon jour to you and if respond bon jour they will speak French, if you say hello they will speak English. Everyone I met was really nice. Traffic is a nightmare, but that is another story.
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Most everyone in Montreal (or anywhere that attracts tourists) is completely bilingual. In fact, they often speak better English than many Americans.

However, in small towns and some suburbs, it often helps to speak French. One person will speak accent-free English, then the next person you meet will only speak Quebecois.

Also, the further north you go, the less English. Once north of Quebec City, you're on your own linguistically.
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We just got back from Tremblant. Everyone we came across spoke english except for 2 people. We had no probems, in fact, the sevice was generally excellent where ever we went, including in Montreal.
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