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Checkin' out the nu stuff!

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Ski and Golf's got a bunch o nu stuff. Here's what caught my eye:

The nu 1080 is LIGHT. WOW! So r the 1080 and Crossmax boots. Match them with some Ti bindings and you'd think u were skin' barefoot!

That ugly nu Atomic Skicross Ski looks pretty cool in person (just like the Nu Hummer BTW) You can even get matching bindings [img]smile.gif[/img] . Seems pretty beefy too. Still gittin' the Sl-9 though.

that D-star Oboe liked definenly seems beefier than your fathers Dynastar

The nu Lange boots (120) r WAY roomier than the old L's. I couldn't even get the old ones on practically but the nu slipped right on and were TOO roomy! the nu liner seems kind of flimsy too, like it'd pack out quick. The shell and buckels r 1st rate though, but with too much forward lean for me. suspect Lange will sell these by the truckload (seem pretty soft forward flex wise. combine that with the cush fit and EVERYBODY can ski the RACE Lange. Cool)

Nu Salomons seem roomier too and shaped more like a foot, not a box. But i'd take the nu Rossi's. fit great with the inner wall RIGHT on you arch, nice upright stance. Just wish they had the extreme hinge point like Atomics for max kahving

Heard Copper had a touch of snow so here's hopein!!!!
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Hey Trey,

Where are you buying the SL9's?

I haven't seen any in any of the stores. As a matter of fact, I've hardly seen any slalom skis in the stores!!!

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Please stop using "nu" instead of "new"...it's getting a little annoying. :
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MVP-- look in the speciality stores like Racers Edge in Breck. the cheapest place is online from Europe but i'm getting mine from a place in Genesee near Denver. I'll get the name for you next time i'm there. He specialises in Atomic and works with the local racers. He's more expensive, but it's worth it to support a local and have his support too.

NCex: If u get this bent over mispelling then maybe its time for anger managemet. Besides i can't type and haven't time for proof reads. feel free to ignore my posts [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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MXP--The store is Foothills Ski and Bike--303-526-2036; www.foothillsskiandbike.com. Was there yesterday and got a good deal so bought my SL-9's! Theri having a big sale this wkend on all the 2003 stuff so You might want to stop by
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