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BCS for Ski Resorts

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As I was curled up watching the snowflakes fall last night [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
I quickly thumbed through both Skiing and Ski magazines resort issues and noted that there was a lot of discrepancy between the two. Some resorts that weren't even mentioned in one garnered top billing in the other. While I realize that the two polls used different critera in their rankings, and that some of these differences are understandable, shouldn't there be a general consensus on which ski areas are better then others? I'm thinking mainly of the east coast where stratton is ranked 4 in ski and unranked in skiing, jay is 1 in skiing, not ranked in ski...etc etc. Even if you broke down the micro rankings there were vast differences in snow rankings, terrain, nightlife and on and on. Is there anyone out there who agrees with me, or do we just chalk it up to the fact that the ski magazines are so committed to certain demographic groups that they don't bother trying to put together an objective poll, but instead hype the resorts that they know their readers will enjoy? I know I have my favorite ski areas, but every once in a while I like to explore and don't we all have a secret list of places we'd love to ski and for me one way that I add names to this list is by reading stupid resort rankings that don't tell me a thing about anything more then whose got the biggest ad budget.
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You wanna see a real laffer? Check out this full-color, multi-page advertisement for Club Med/Crested Butte (cleverly disguised as an investigative article in the November issue of Ski Magazine).


The moral of the story: don't take any of this stuff seriously (or waste unnecessary mental energy trying to figure it out).
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Magazines always say nice things about their top advertisers, or they pull their account. This is a business first, and a service to readers second. You don't bite the hand that feeds you, and that also transpires in to being decidedly hush about your advertiser's competition. Different magazines have different clients. There is no such thing as a truly non-biased magazine, as long as they sell ad space.
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